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Hey there! My name is Chris, welcome to my site. My goal is to help you guys to find the best electric shaver, cover your requirement with reasonable price.  We do professional review and ratings on electric shavers, so if you are looking for a traditional manual razor, sorry guys, I can’t give you a hand.
But if you are looking for a professional electric shaver, beard trimmer, hair clipper,body groomer, nose hair trimmer, back shaver, head shaver or women’s epilator or callus remover. We surely can give you some good advice and buying tips. And top list we summarize for your reference. No matter you are men or women,young or old, we can help your to find the best electric shavers with your budget.

I will start with simple buying guide on electric shavers, because most people are new to electric shaver, they need to have a glossary impression before buying, if you are in a hurry, just reference our best electric shaver list.

Review Pros Cons Ratings Price
Braun 790 CC review Last 7 years more.
Auto clean dry solution
Best seller on amazon
Affordable price
Don't support wet shaving Check Amazon price
Norelco 9700 review Best Norelco Shaver
Wet and Dry
Perfect for sensitive skin
Indicator display technology
Expensive Check Amazon price
Panasonic LV 95 review Best Panasonic shaver
Word's fastest shaver
Word's only arc 5 shaver
Wet and Dry
Battery not as good as Braun Check Amazon price
Braun 9095 CC review Best Braun shaver
Wet and Dry
Perfect for tough beard
Beard density auto detecting
Maintain cost high
Check Amazon price
Panasonic LA 93 review Same level of Braun 790cc
Wet and Dry
Very close shaving
Reasonable price
Head is a little big Check Amazon price

What’s the best electric shaver brand in the world?

Braun, Panasonic, Philips Norelco, Remington are the top 4 best electric shaver brand in the world. Braun, Panasonic produce foil shaver, Philips Remington produce rotary shaver, Remington produce both foil and rotary shavers. Want to know the difference on foil shavers and rotary shavers? , you can also reference Rotary VS Foil Shaver.

There are not too much price gap between Braun,Panasonic and Philips Norelco(same level products). Remington is cheaper compared with them. You can find electric shaver from $15 t0 $300+  on Braun, Panasonic and Philips Norelco. All of them high high ratings and huge customers. But for Remington, I would advice you just buy the junior models, no more than $50.

Brief review for Braun

braun series 9

Personally, I think Braun has the highest quality, almost every shaver of Braun can last 7 years+,even the basic model. And the most expensive electric shaver in the world is Braun 9095CC, even more expensive than the best model of Panasonic and Norelco. If if two electric shavers, both cost $100, you may compare the feature list between them, it makes sense.But for electric shavers over $300, it’s meaningless to compare the functions, they use the highest technology of shaving and cleaning, personal behavior on shaver appearance, design and quality decide buying.

Brief review for Panasonic

panasonic arc 3

Panasonic is the best wet dry shaver, I think. Different from Braun, who only support wet dry shaving on the most advanced models. Take Braun series 7 for example, only Braun 799CC support wet dry shaving together with lotion and gel, Braun 760CC and Braun 790CC doesn’t. Some people like it, because he don’t need the wet shaving function, he is good with dry shaving, so he can pay less money to get 790CC. Sounds good? But for other people, wet shaving is important to them because they have sensitive skin, but they don’t have enough budget to buy the most advanced models, in this case I would suggest to consider Panasonic,  actually almost every model of Panasonic shaver support wet dry shaving.

Different from Braun, who is a Germany manufacture, quality is their life. While Panasonic is a Japan manufacture, in Japan, if your products can’t be used in the shower, you can hardly sell them, not just on electric shavers, but on other electric products on phones. So in design phase, wet dry shaving is the first priority on Panasonic shavers, they can provide wet shaving functions with the most competitive price.

Another advantage of Panasonic is its performance, actually I have to admit Panasonic is the fastest electric shaver in the world, even through I’m a fan of Braun shaver. Panasonic Arc 5 Es-LV95-S is the best shaver of Panasonic, before Braun series 9 released in North America in the first quarter of 2015, Panasonic Arc 5 Es-Lv95-S is the most expensive shaver in the world(Of course it’s now the second :-)), he is the only 5 blades electric shavers in the world. Each with 14,000 CPM(cycle per minutes).So if speed is your first concern, you know, you can’t miss this shaver.

Brief review for Philips Norelco

Philips norelco 9700

Philips Norelco produce the best rotary shavers in the world. Every model of Philips Norelco is rotary shaver, compared with Foil shaver, rotary shaver is more quiet. Take the best rotary shaver Philips Norelco series 9000 for example, you can hardly here noisy when shaving. Some one don’t like it, they want to hear the noisy of beard being cut, so they prefer foil shavers. But most people would shave in the early morning, the noisy may disturb your wife or your pets, so they would prefer choosing a rotary shaver the minimize the impact of noisy.

Brief review for Remington

Remington is the best electric shaver brand, but maybe 50 years ago LOL. But after that they didn’t book too much effort on technology research on electric shavers, maybe they thought their products is amazing enough, so they focus on other related hair removal products like IPL hair removal for women, so now, in high-end shaver market,they are behind Braun, Panasonic and Philips Norelco. But in low-end shaver market, their products is still competitive.  If may don’t don’t have expensive functions like auto clean system, beard density detecting sensor, face contouring auto adjustment technology, but just for shaving, they are effective, Remington F5-5800 is one of the best sellers on amazon, with reasonable price, and support clean under running tap as well. One of the best electric shaver under $50.

This is just a rough introduction on Braun, Panasonic, Philips Norelco and Remington. If you are interested with their history and products categories,  we have guide to find the best Braun shaver, best Panasonic shaver and best Philips Norelco shaver. Remington F5-5800 is the only shaver we recommend for Remington, so we don’t have guide list.

 How to pick up the best electric shavers?

Thanks for reading, if you already go through here, when choosing an electric shaver, you need take beard type(thickness), personal behavior(foil or rotary),  budget, wet dry shaving, skin type(sensitive skin?), clean solution(manual or auto), special use(head, body, back, private area) into consideration.

And if you are a women but not man, facial hair maybe not your first concern, you may want to shave you legs, arms, underarms, nose|ear , foot(callus) and private area. You can either choose a all in one shaving machine to save money, or buy independent shaving machine to get more professional result. Want an epilator for long term results or a simple shaver to get temporary results.

And you may have pets in you house, like dogs, cats, horse and other big animals, you can’t use clippers designed for human on them, it’s not powerful enough, and may hurt your animals. We can recommend professional dog clippers for them as well.


Best electric shaver for men

This list is best electric shavers list we picked up for men, and can be used for women if you like, in this list, what we care is performance, feature list, price, quality, user feedback, maintain cost and some special behavior like auto clean and wet dry shaving.

It has too categories, foil shavers and rotary shavers, because we don’t know which one your love better, so we ranked top 5 list on each category, the price are from $60-$300+, you can choose based on your budget.

All of the shavers in this list are Braun, Panasonic or Philips Norelco shavers, all of them are highest ratings shavers on amazon.

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Best electric shaver for women

This list is the best electric shaver we picked up for women only, I named it shaver not I think not accurate enough, some of them are shavers, but others not, Because as I mentioned before,  what most women need is not just a simple electric shaver, you may need a epilator, a body groomer, a nose hair trimmer or a callus remover.You need know what you really need before buying, but not just others give you a list and picked up the thing looks good, but not the one you really need.

I don’t recommend women pay too much money on electric shavers, a simple but effective shaver can cover basic shaving function, if you have to do this, a good epilator is the one I would advice to invest for your body.

braun epilator 9>>Click here to read full review of best electric shaver for women

Best head shaver

I often see guys ask questions on if an electric shaver worked on their head, on amazon FAQ and other forums like Quora and Yahoo answers, most this it’s yes. Like Braun 790CC, it’s a professional face shaver, and surely worked for head shaving.

But can doesn’t mean best, it worked, but you may booked a lot of effort when using them, you will feel tired, because the shaver is tall and heavy, so if just for head shaving, I would suggest you try bald eagle smart,which is produced by Skull Shaver. The founder of bald eagle smart is a bald man also, he tried all other shavers and at last decide to create a real head shaver by himself.

Bald eagle smart is NOT the best electric shaver, and it will never be, but it’s the best head shaver, without doubt.

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Best back shaver

Back shaving is very similar to head shaving, you have two choice, use you every day shaver, or choose another more professional back shaver, both worked. But why we need a independent back shaver?

Not every one need a back shaver, just for the one with thick hair on their back, it’s ugly, but hard to remove. The biggest advantage of professional back shaver is you can do it yourself.  You don’t have to get help from your partners or goes to professional salon.

Mangroomer Ultimate Pro is without doubt the best of them,  this is a electric shaver. If you prefer razor, you have other choices like Razorba, Bakblade, but per our research and review, Mangroomer Ultimate Pro is the best of them for back hair removal.

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Best Body and Ball shaver(groomer)

Body hair is different from face beard, it’s more soft and longer, most times what you need is not shave them, but trim them to an acceptable length you like. And you may have very large areas to deal with, like chest, abs, underarms, legs, groin area and shoulders.

So what you need is a all in one solution shaver, which can be used in the shower, but not just a simple shaver. Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7100(BG2040) is the best of them, it’s also the best seller of personal groomers category.

The bonus is Philips norelco 7100 is also a very good solution for ball shaving, although it’s not designed for ball shaving only, but it really worked. Several customers mentioned this in their comment.

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Best Nose hair trimmer

Nose and ear hair are very hard to touch and deal with, even you are using the best electric shavers listed before, the popup trimmer may work, some times, but not professional enough, the ultimate solution is shaver designed for nose|ear hair.

Both Panasonic and Philips Norelco have solution on this, but per our research and review, I would recommend Water Resistant Heavy Duty Steel. This is made of steel, but not plastic as others, and you can enjoy a lifetime replacement warranty, with less than $20, good deal? You can use yourself or buy it as a gift, very smart, worked for both men and women.

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Best electric shaver for sensitive skin

For the one with sensitive skin, it’s harder to pick up the best electric shaver for them, because for most people, their first concern is shaver’s performance and money. But for the one with sensitive skin or problems areas, I would suggest to pick up a wet dry shaver.

Wet shaving in the shower, together with lotion and gel, can less the irritation shave did on your skin. In this case, you can never use a traditional razor any more, it may break you face often.

And if possible,I would suggest you use rotary shaver but not foil shaver. The rotary shaver perform more gentle to your skin compared with foil shaver. So a wet dry rotary shaver would be your first choice,  if you can afford an auto clean solution it would be better, hygiene status is another concern from my side.

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Best wet dry shaver

This list is very similar to best electric shaver for sensitive skin, but a little different. All of the wet dry shavers in this list can be used in the shower, together with lotion and gel, so this list is for the one prefer wet shaving, but not all of the shavers friendly to sensitive skin can be used in the shower, this is the difference, should be careful before using.

We category best wet dry shavers based on price. The high priced category are the best of the best, all of them are over $300(current price).

The middle range are from $100 to $200, in this period, I would recommend Panasonic or Philips Norelco, they are more cheap compared with Braun.

The beginner level are under $100, the one with light to medium beard can use the shaver in this list, you don’t need to pay money for the feature you don’t real need.

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Best professional dog clippers

This is the last recommendation in our list, most family have pets, like dogs,cats, horse and other big animals. How to deal with their growing hair would be a problem.

In the past we have to use a more traditional way to cut the hair, but it’s slow, you will be very tired, and your animal will become impatient also.So a professional electric dog clipper is very important, Andis, Wahl and Oster are the top 3 best dog clipper brand in the world.

How much you booked on dog clipper is based on your requirement, how many dogs you have, are your dogs sensitive to noisy, do you have other animals need to clip,what’s the breeds of you dog, small medium or big, these factors decide one you should pick up.

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