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10 Quick Tips to Prevent Bed Hair

We all love a good night‘s sleep. However, more often than not, it comes with its own consequences in the morning.

You wake up, stretch your limbs blissfully, climb out of bed, head to the bathroom and catch a sleepy reflection in the mirror, with a crown of not-so-glorious bed hair resting on top of your head – for most of the ladies and looks-conscious guys out there, it is enough to ruin their mood for the rest of the day.


Appearences aren‘t the only thing to think about

Before we get to the tips, let‘s take a moment here to recognize the gowing body of proof that poor sleep habits, whether it‘s sleep deprivation or simply poor sleep hygiene can even cause hair loss.

So, it‘s not just about having a bad hair day, it‘s about long-term nurture of the precious follicles we care so much about.

Let‘s get to the few easy tips about avoiding bed hair we promised to share.

  1. Wash your hair before going to sleep.

    Let‘s face it – as good as a morning shower might feel, not all of us manage to find the time for it every morning. However, taking a shower before bed might be even better, especially when it comes to combating the dreaded morning cowlicks. The National Sleep Foundation maintains that your hair will be much easier to manage once you wake up if you choose to give it a thorough wash before heading to bed. Make sure to let it dry completely prior to falling asleep though – otherwise things are very likely to take a turn for the worse. Straightening your hair, braiding it or putting it in a comfortable bun for the night is also a good idea, which will allow you to get your morning off to a much better start.

  2. Wrap your hair in a bandana or a cotton shirt.

    Wearing a bandana during the night is an excellent solution for those of you who have short hair – it is sure to prevent unsightly spikes from forming. If your hair is longer though, a bandana might not be enough. Give a cotton shirt or shawl a try and you will surely notice a big difference once you wake up.

  3. Brush your hair carefully before heading to bed.

    A thorough evening brushing routine can do wonders for morning bed heads. It will get rid of any leftover hair products, hydrate your locks and make them a whole lot smoother. Choosing a high-quality brush is also important in this case – it should be gentle, soft and able to treat your hair with the care that it deserves.

  4. Try pinning your hair down.

    Bobby pins are ideal for keeping your hair in check during sleeping hours, especially if it is quite long. All you have to do is pin your hair carefully, making sure that there are no stray unruly strands left unattended, then take the pins out in the morning and give your locks a good brushing. It is simple, fast and pretty much guaranteed to work.

  5. Make use of a top-knot.

    If bobby pins are not your thing, a top-knot might also do the job. Pull your hair up, use a quality hair band that does not damage your locks, then brush them out after undoing the knot in the morning.

  6. Moisturise the air in your bedroom.

    Dry air is not something that your hair appreciates, and it tends to make your locks a great deal less manageable as well. In order to avoid that, try running a humidifier in your bedroom during the night. You will find a variety of humidifiers on the market at a wide range of prices, so finding a device which matches your needs perfectly will not be a problem – and it might very well instantly solve the problem of your bed head!

  7. Invest in silk sheets.

    Silk is a luxurious material that can go a long way in keeping your hair smooth and neat during the night, while other types of bedding might irritate it. Of course, silk sheets tend to be quite expensive, but it is an investment which is definitely worth making.

  8. Use a leave-in conditioner.

    There is a huge variety of leave-in creams and sprays on the shelves at beauty stores, and we highly recommend taking the time to apply one of them to your locks every evening. Well-moisturised hair will behave much better in the morning. Make sure to condition the ends of your hair as well for fabulous results!

  9. Avoid washing your hair too often.

    Nothing beats a good shower – but taking advantage of it too often might actually damage your locks. Your hair produces natural oils, which are necessary to keep it healthy and shiny, and you risk losing them by washing your locks daily. Try doing that every other day and you will see for yourself that they will become a lot easier to control in the morning.

  10. If you cannot beat it, embrace it!

    As annoying as bed hair may seem, it is not necessarily a bad thing. The latest fashion trends actually point towards a new-found appreciation of bed heads and there are a lot of ways to make them look absolutely stunning. Get a new layered haircut, bleach your hair in order to achieve the right bed-hair texture, make use of styling products or flat irons and embrace the messy look, which has been all the rage lately!


Whether you decide to go on battling with bed hair or take advantage of its current popularity, there are hundreds of options to choose from in order to help you work your preferred style – and you will be able to sleep that much more soundly knowing that the mirror will not give you a fright first thing in the morning any longer!

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