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Best Electric Shaver for both men and women in 2016

Which model is the best electric shaver in 2015-2016?

At first we need to claim that the best here is not only based on money, but also take performance, design, durable and user ratings.

If budget is not your first concern, please reference most expensive electric shavers in the world.

In year 2015, we just listed top 10 best electric shavers, it contains both foil shaver and rotary shaver. Some are expensive and some are cheap, some are wet dry shavers and some are not, and we even listed head shaver only in this list, so I think it’s some kind of mess.

Research shows that if you have top 10 list, most people(70% or 80% percent) will only focus on top 5, even top 3,  so I just want to have a shorter list here, but classify firstly. I’ll give top 5 best foil shavers and top 5 best rotary shavers.

This list is mainly for men, of course it’s adapt to women. But I guess most women will pay more attention to permanent hair removal on legs and body. And some may need a nose hair trimmer, callus remover, or epilator , in this case, we would advice you reference our best electric shaver for women.

Want to know our choice in 2015, read our top 10 best electric shavers list in 2015

braun 9090cc

Top 5 best foil shavers for men 2016

ModelPanasonic Arc 5Braun series 9Braun 790ccPanasonic LA 93Panasonic ES8103S
Summary Word's fastest shaver.
Price reasonable
Word's most expensive shaver.
Perfect except for high price.
Best seller in the past, Don't support wet shaving.Best arc 4 shaver
Support wet shaving
Price a little high
Support wet shaving,
high ratings.
Best choice under $100
Wet dryYesYesNoYesYes
Auto cleanYesYesYesYesNo
Maintain cost$67.56/12 months+Clean cartridge$65.90/18 months+Clean cartridge$30.31/18 months+Clean cartridge$53.10/12 months+Clean cartridge$34.94/12 months
ReviewOur reviewOur reviewOur reviewOur reviewUser review

Summary and important foil shaver buying tips

1. If you want to pick up the most advanced electric shaver, I would recommend Panasonic LV 95 by now. Several months ago I would recommend Braun 9095cc, but recently Panasonic LV 95 decreased its price, almost $100 cheaper than Braun 9095cc, I would insist my choice unless Braun adjust their price.

2. Both braun series 9 and Panasonic arc 5 have 3  models.

Braun’s 3 shavers have the same design and looking,  but have difference on wet dry shaving and auto clean system,read detail review on braun series 9 to know the difference between them.

Panasonic’s 3 shavers have different design and looking, and also on auto clean system and sensor system,  read the detail review on Panasonic arc 5 to know the difference between them.

3. If you plan to pay $100-$200 for an top electric shaver, I would recommend Braun 790cc,  this model almost has the same feature as Panasonic LA 93, but it’s more durable, and maintain cost is less.  But if you want shaving in the shower, you’d better pick up Panasonic LA 93, or refer our top list on wet dry shavers.

4. If you plan to pay less than $100 for your shaver, Panasonic ES8103S is a good looking, well design, rich feature and trust choice for you. It’s been rated on 4.4/5 on amazon by more than 3000 real customers. Or you can reference our top list for electric shavers under 100

5. Panasonic often have coupons and promotion code on amazon, the discount often from $10-$100 based on models. reference electric shaver coupon code on amazon to see if  any model you like.

Philips Norelco Shaver 9700

Top 5 best rotary shavers for men 2016

ModelNorelco series 9000Norelco Shaver 8950/90 Norelco Shaver 7300Norelco Shaver 6100Norelco Shaver 8900
Summary Norelco's newest and best shaver
SmartClean System is the best
Digital User Interface

Wet and dry
SmartClean System
8 directions on every shaving
Wet and dry
SmartClean System
5 directions on every shaving
Wet and dry
Good looking
Best choice for rotary shaver under $100
Almost as good as series 9000, price is high
Auto cleanYesYesYesNoYes
Maintain cost$45.42/12 months+Clean cartridge$51.20/12 months+Clean cartridge$47.95/12 months+Clean cartridge$25.60/12 months$51.20/12 months+Clean cartridge
Reviewour reviewcustomer reviewcustomer reviewour reviewour review

Summary and important rotary shaver buying tips

1. Norelco series 9000 will always be our first choice if money is not a problem. It has the best shaving performance, shaving experience of norelco. And the maintain cost is acceptable compared with foil shavers.

2.There are 2 models on norelco series 9000, Philips Norelco S9311/87(shaver 9300) and Philips Norelco S9721/87(shaver 9700), The only difference is shaver 9700 has digital user display to show the accurate status of shaver, but shaver 9300 can only show a rough status by 8 bars. And this feature cost $100.

3. Both Shaver 8950/90 and Shaver 8900(sensotouch 3d) are series 8000 shavers. But they have difference price, and the gap is not small.  Norelco seemed don’t decrease their sales price on  sensotouch 3d when series 9000 get released.

4. Norelco series 7000 seemed to be a good choice for the balance of price and feature. This shaver looks amazing, feature list is attractive also, but only 3.8/5 ratings on amazon.

5. Norelco Shaver 6100 is the best choice for rotary shaver under $100. But it lack some amazing features like jet clean system.  But consider the good out looking and wet dry feature, I would recommend it to any one with light/medium beard.

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