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Best electric shaver for men 2015

Top 10 best electric shaver 2015 we can get from market

It’s really a hard job to pick up the best electric shaver for men,I struggle for a long while, I just remove what I write down one and one times.Because everyone has his own standard. The thick beard guys just want the sharpest, most powerful shaver. Light beard guys just want a quite,comfortable shaver.Fashion guys just want a beautiful, lighter shaver. Compared with this job,pick the most amazing, or most expensive shaver is must easier job for me,just keep follow up the newest electric shaver model and give honest review. Take features,performance,price,user feedback into consideration, I picked up top 10 best electric shaver for men. This is my ranking list and I believe can satisfy most people. but you don’t need to always pick rank 1. one good tip is to pick the brand you trust most from our top 10 list. The one you like most is the best.

RankModelPriceRatingsRead Review
1Braun Series 7 790CC$159.994.5/5Read Detail Review
2 Panasonic ES-LA-93K$199.664.4/5Read Detail Review
3 Philip Norelco Senso Touch 3D Series 8900$263.534.4/5Read Detail Review
4Norelco Shaver 9700$319.954.3/5Read Detail Review
5Philips norelco sensotouch 3D 8100$149.994.3/5Philips SensoTouch 3D Review
6Philips Norelco Shaver 2100$34.954.4/5Read Customer Review
7Panasonic ES-LV95-S$499.994.4/5Read Detail Review
8Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100$89.954.3/5Norelco 2d review
9Remington F5-5800$54.434.2/5Read Detail Review
10Bald Eagle Smart$135.004.1/5Bald Eagle Smart Review

 Braun Series 7 790CC

braun series 7 790cc

To be frankly, Braun Series 7 790CC  is the best electric shave you dreamed of, especially you need shaving your head. Compared with Panasonic’s technology competition, Braun is doing one thing, shave, more effective shave. Like other Germany company, quality is always the first, what’ s why braun has the lowest return and rework.  If only talk about shaving technology, Braun’s Optifoil and ActiveLift system works as perfect as panasonic es-la-93k, even better. Both of them can handle the neck, sideburns, moustache,flat-lying hair,long hair easily.Need shave your head, that would’t be a problem. Compared with rotary shaver, foil shaver do a better job, especially for thick bear.  Another thing I feel very close is that Braun has 3 modes to choose when shaving.  You can choose between extra sensitive, normal, intensive modes fits your beard and skin. This is absolutely the lowest price of history. Awesome design, it’s now just a shaver but a artist, perfect gift for your boyfriend or husband.

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 Panasonic ES-LA-93K

Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Wet Dry Shaver

Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4 Wet Dry Shaver

This is the best wet/dry foil shaver with one button clean/dry system, the original price is $399.9  and now decrease to almost half price(price change often). The price drop because Panasonic release their newest model  Arc5 ES-LV95-S, So it’s the best time to get Panasonic ES-LA-93K in hand. Worry about performance? It’s the fastest electric shaver in the world, Panasonic ES-LA-93K is  14,000 CPM(cycle per minutes),It’s the best 4 blade shaver we recommend.  This model is more expensive than Braun series 7 is because is support wet shaving, you can shaving in the shower with foams or lotions. So for men who loves wet shaving which is better for sensitive skin, this is a big plus.

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 Philip Norelco Senso Touch 3D 8900

philip norelco senso touch 3d

philip norelco sensotouch 3d

I rank philip norelco senso touch 3D here the price is a little high,compared with his main competitor(Our top 2 model). According to user feedback, this model is perfect on every items. If you are obsessed with rotary shaver,  philip norelco sensotouch 3D will be the best electric shaver. Compared with foil shaver, the biggest advantage rotary shaver have is shaving experience. you may hair a little noise with foil shaver, while rotary shaver is so quite that you can never believe. You’ll never be regret to bother you wife and children in 5:00 AM. That’s why philip norelco claims they provide ultimate shaving experience. They also provide return guarantee for 45 days. I don’t see it on Panasonic and Braun’s offical site. That means philip norelco is very confident with their products. Other features like wet/dry shaving, auto clean system, full numeric LED display,  philip norelco senso touch 3D is as good as #1 and #2. Another item I nearly forgot is about the charging system, philip norelco just need 3 minutes to do a quick-charge for one shave. While both Braun and Panasonic need 5 minutes. Definitely one of the best shaver for sensitive skin.

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Philips Norelco Shaver 2100

shaver 2100Norelco shaver 2100 is the #1 best seller of electric rotary shaver by amazon.. It has ever been the most popular electric shaver for men when he was born about 8 years ago, it’s so welcomed that even today still a lot of people treat this model as their first consider.  I think you can never get a better electric shaver at this price.  shaver 2100 is very quite and light, but with a very close, comfortable shave with no razor burn. A good design make sure that you can hold in easily even with a wet hand.  The popup trimmer is very effective, and it’s full-sized, not the little half-inch thing so common nowadays.  The only disadvantage is it doesn’t support wet shaving. the technology by then is not advanced as that. I believe this is the best getting started electric shaver for your young man as a gift.

 Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 shaver

panasonic ES8103S This is the your best choice for a wet/dry shaver with LCD display. compared with other arc 3 and arc 4 shaver of Panasonic, it’s the most valuable shaver for money. 13000 RPM motor provides a constant stream of power for a consistent shave. As we know even the best of Panasonic arc 5 shaver ES LV95 has only 14000 RPM, so you shouldn’t cares about the performance absolutely. The popup trimmer is very good also, it can make style for your beard, goatee, mustache and/or sideburns. the LCD display makes sure you can know the battery status and charge indicator easily. For the men who loves wet shaving with gels or lotions but with limit budget, this model is your perfect choice.

 Philips Norelco 1150X/46 Shaver 6100

norelco shaver 6100Compared with norelco Sensotouch 3D who has a price around $200(price change often), Norelco shaver 6100(2D) seemed to be a better choice as low as $89.95. Actually shaver 6100 is a revolutionary product. The product before this model and after are totally on the different level. Norelco thinks more on user shaving experience since then, especially for the men with special requirement, the key feature is the Gyroflex 2D contour-following system, which adjusts every curve of the face, minimizing pressure and skin irritation. this is special useful when you have a hurt or acne on your neck or chin area. This is almost the best shaver you can get under $100, no matter you are long hair, short stubble, sideburns,goatee,mustache, like dry shaving or wet shaving, it can give you what you need. The only disadvantage is this model don’t have jet clean system. if you need you have to get more advanced model shaver 6600, 

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Remington F5-5800

Remington F5-5800You can now get Remington F5-5800  around $50(price change often). compared with other products at this price, the biggest advantage of Remington F5 is the battery. Other shaver at this price may support 35-45 minutes on every charge, but F5 can support corded and cordless use with 60 minute. This is a big plus for the men who always forget to charge for the shaver. Even if you missed it, 5 minutes for a quick charge can help you a lot. Other item we can’t miss is about the  interceptor technology, there is a middle trimmer between the two foil that will cut hair longer than stubble to stubble length. after that the foils follow the contours of your face or neck for an exceptionally close, comfortable shave.  this shaver can clean under running water so please don’t forget to clean them after every use.  please make sure your skin is clean and completely dry and not oily,don’t use a lot of pressure when shaving,don’t go in circles or fast, I’m sure you’ll like it after first try. 

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 Bald Eagle Smart

Bald eagle smart is an amazing shaver designed for bald man for head and  face shaving.  The advantage and dis-advantage of this shaver are all very obvious.  it has a Stronger motor up to 10500 RPM for a fast and smooth dry or wet shave. Other rotary shaver may have 2 or 3 heads, but this model have 5 heads to provide a more effective shaving. Other shaver may support 30-60 minutes on every full charge, but this model can support as long as 90 minutes on every full charge. but compared with shaving for beard, the most advantage is it’s design for shaving your head easily by yourself. it’s smart enough that you can hold it in your hand easily. The disadvantage is also obvious, you can’t use it in the shower, you have to use a adapter if need to use if in other country. Yes this product is not perfect, but we still love it for its special.

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