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Best professional dog grooming clippers review

There are so many dog clippers on the market and people usually don’t know which one is the best grooming clippers.

To save time, you can buy the most expensive dog clippers, but we don’t suggest you to do this. You need to consider

  • How many dogs you need to groom, for family grooming or it’s your job.
  • Do you have any other pets like cat and horse need to groom as well? Do you want to share the same dog grooming clippers or buy individual clippers for them.
  • Is you dog sensitive to noise? If so you need to buy a quiet dog clipper.
  • What’s the breeds of you dog? Small, medium or big one. How about their coat? This depends on what kind of dog clippers you need to buy.

Can I use a human hair clipper on a dog?

It is not advisable to use human clippers for trimming dog’s hair, because the blade teeth are usually arranged closer to one another, as opposed to dog clippers. This may result in the jamming of the tool, causing some form of discomfort to your pet. Especially in thickly coated dog breeds.

Human clippers lack the speed to pas through the majority of the very thick hair. Therefore, human clippers are only meant to cut down lighter hair, as opposed to the heavier hair in most hairy dogs.

For dogs, it is wisest to use the specially designed dog clippers, because these tools are made of heavier metal, and are relatively sharper than ordinary human clippers. It is because of this fact, that dog clippers have become more expensive than the clippers that people actually use for grooming.

  • Human hair clippers are traditionally used for humans and are commonly seen at the barbershops, whereas, dog clippers are obviously built or made for usage on dogs, and are often seen in dog or pet parlor shops.
  • Generally, human hair clippers are cheaper compared to dog clippers.
  • Dog clippers are said to be sharper, and more powerful than human hair clippers.

Best dog clipper brands

Low price dog clippers always mean low quality and performance, and some of them would even hurt you dog because of bad design. If you just done half on your grooming job and your dog clippers doesn’t work any more, how will you feel?

Andis, Walh an Oster are the top 3 dog clipper brands. All of them have long history and focus on pet grooming industry for many years. All of them have big fans and can do awesome job. Which one is best? Every one has his own answer I think. I rank there are top 3 for below reasons.

  • Good performance,  for any clipper performance is the first concern, all of them did a amazing job and high customer satisfactions.
  • Light design, very light, it would take long time to groom your dog, especially for the one who need to groom many dogs a day, a heavy dog clipper would be a disaster.
  • Multiple SPM(stroke per minutes) to choose, this is real useful for most people, high speed mean high performance,and fast progress, but the blade will heat quickly, although they have cooling technology, but it can also ease bot not fix. Any different dogs , different part of a dog may need different speed settings.
  • Quiet design, some dog may very sensitive to noise, you can hardly do your job if he doesn’t coordinate with you. And it will hurt your dog if grooming with rumble. All of them did a good job on this.
  • Long history on dog grooming industry and have many good models to pick up.

Top related best dog grooming clippers

BrandAndis SMCsAndis MBG2Wahl KM10Wahl U-ClipOster A5
Best forAll sizes and all coatsAll sizes and all coatsGreat for all over grooming, including mats and complete shave downsFine to Medium coats only. Examples: Labrador, Cavalier, Shih Tzu, Spaniel, MalteseProfessionally designed for all breeds of dogs. Also, great for cats, horses and other large animals.
SPM(Stroke per minute)2,500-4,500
5 speed settings
3,700 3,000 and 3,700
2 speed settings
Up to 7,2003,000 and 4,000
2 speed settings
Weight0.80 lbs0.90 lbs.350 g450 g494g
Warranty1 year1 year5 years2 years warranty1 year
Tube of Blade Oil
Tube of Blade Oil
Four attachment combs: (1/8") 3mm, (1/4") 6mm, (3/8")10mm, (1/2") 13mm,
Hard Case
Power Cord
Series #10 Blade Set
Blade oil,
cleaning brush instruction book
4 attachment combs (3, 6, 10, 13 mm), blade guard, comb, scissors, cleaning brush, oil, instruction-DVDOster #10 blade, blade guard, blade oil, grease, cleaning brush, extra brush and spring set and instructions.
Sum upAmazing 5 SPM settings, best andis clipper Good price and 4 attachment, best dog clipper under $100The lightweight Wahl for top power, best Walh dog clippersCheap Price
#1 Best Sellerin Dog Grooming Clippers
#1 best seller in Horse Care Clippers

Andis dog clipper reviews

There are 6 models on Andis dog clippers, MC3,RACD,MBG2,SMC, AGC2,RBC. Which can cover from light to medium and heavy coat. The difference between them are price, performance, speed settings and height.

Based on feature, money and customer ratings and reviews. We summed up and rank SMC and MBG2 as most valuable Andis dog clippers.

Andis SMC Review

Andis SMC 5 speed settings clipper

Andis SMC 5 speed settings clipper

Andis SMC is the only 5 speed setting dog clippers in our best list. Also one of the best dog clippers in the world. It’s SPM are from 2,500 to 4,500, you can use the lower speeds for cooler running and clipping around sensitive areas, and higher speeds for a prettier coat finish.

A lot of good things have been said about the clippers but the “zero heat” is referring to the heat generated by the motor. The blades will get just as hot as they would on any other clipper because of friction.

The best way to avoid blade burns is to buy two identical blades and swap them out during a shave down, allowing them to cool between use and oil the blades frequently throughout the clip. Don’t use spray “coolant” because it will gunk up the blades.


This is why Andis SMC is in my list, it has amazing 5 speed setting,  if make correct use of the speed setting, you can extend the life size of your dog clipper, also delivery a comfortable grooming experience to your dog.

Another big advantage of Andis SMC is it’s weight. Different from other products, weight is a very important actor when we decide to buy a dog clipper, especially for the professional dog groomers, who need to groom dozens of dogs per day. Andis SMC is the lightest in all of these 6 Andis models, only a little heavy than RACD, who RACD can only shave light to medium coat.

Andis MBG2 Review

Andis MBG2

Andis MBG2

My second recommendation on Andis clippers is Andis MBG2, which I think is the best valuable dog clipper from money and feature consider.

If you just need to groom medium coat dogs, I highly recommend this model.

Same as Andis SMC, this model is also very quiet, the good design make sure your dog won’t be mothered by noise from clippers.

Andis MBG2 is set up with ceramic blade. Which is more advanced compared with tradition steel blade, also it  runs cooler and stays sharper.

But Andis MBG2 only have 1 speed setting, its SPM is 3,700. Fast enough to delivery a perfect grooming. But if you want to use lower speed to deal with sensitive areas or you have more than 1 dogs. Who may need a lower or higher SPM, then Andis MBG2 is not your perfect choice.

Another advantage of Andis MBG2 is its attachment. The kit includes durable hard storage case and 4 attachment combs, sizes 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ for longer cutting lengths.

While most other dog clippers, you have to pay for them. So based on money, performance, user ratings and reviews, I rank it into our best dog clipper list.

 Wahl dog clippers review

Walh is another famous dog clippers company, there are also 6 models for Walh clippers. U-Clip,Pro Ion,SS Pro,Figura,Bravura Li+ Berry,KM10 Berry. Price from low to high.  We pick U-Clip, who is the #1 best seller of dog clippers. Also rated as high as 4.3/5 by thousands of customers. But this model is idea for  fine to medium coats dog only.

Walh KM10 is our another pick up. This model is the best dog clipper of Wahl.  He has the lowest noise level, lightest weight and most amazing cutting performance. Also price the most expensive.

Compared with Andis and Oster, one big advantage of Wahl is it’s warranty. From before chat we can see their warranty can be as long as 5 years. While most of Andis and Oster model can only support 1 or 2 years.

SO if you are looking for a high quality, durable, good design and high ratings professional dog clipper, you should really take Wahl into consider.


Wahl clippers compare

compare between Wahl dog clippers


Wahl KM10 Review

Wahl KM10 dog clipper

Wahl KM10 dog clipper

From diagram we can see KM10 is the best clipper of Wahl.  Different with Andis or Oster, the supply voltage  of Wahl is 100 – 240 V,which means you can use this dog clipper almost everywhere around the world.

Wahl KM10 use the new motor technology, the life of clipper can be as long as 10,000 hours.

There are 2 speed setting for KM10, 3,000 and 3,700. For time saving , you can use higher speed; for sensitive skin, you can use the lower speed. This is not amazing as Andis SMC, which has 5 speed settings. But anyway, this is based on your requirement, I believe it’s enough for most people.

I like the design of KM1o very much, confirmed by experts in ergonomics, the handle circumference design can minimum exertion and low joint stress.And KM10 is the best of best during all Wahl clippers.

This is a all in one clipper, you can used it for any kind of dogs with different coat.

Another item I can never ignore is Wahl’s awesome customer service and warranty, we’ve already mentioned before, it has 5 years warranty, which is the longest of industry. Besides this, he provide 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee.

If for any reason your dog clipper does not work to your complete satisfaction simply call 1-800-PRO-WAHL for an exchange to a clipper that fits your needs or for a full refund.

Wahl U-Clip Review

Wahl U-Clip dog clipper

Wahl U-Clip dog clipper

Wahl U-Clip is a very special dog clipper, first it’s the #1 best seller in small animal cages. This is mainly because of its high grooming performance an cheap price. It’s the best cheap dog clippers in the world.

Second it’s really very powerful, the SPM is as high as 7,200. Which is the highest in our list. Which make sure it can delivery a professional grooming.

Third it includes 16 pc. Kit–Everything You Need for Complete Home Grooming. You can reference detail page to know more details.

The steel blade is adjustable,you have 3 choices, #10-#15-#30. This is a advantage of Wahl U-clip, most dog clipper have a fixed blades, even the most advanced models of Wahl and other brands.

But please remember Wahl U-Clip can only work on fine to Medium coats only. Examples: Labrador, Cavalier, Shih Tzu, Spaniel, Maltese. If you need to groom for bigger animals , you need to pick up other clippers in our top list.

 Oster A5 Review

Oster A5 dog clipper

Oster A5 dog clipper

Oster A5 is the #1  Best Sellerin Horse Care Clippers. Different from other dog clippers in our top list, Oster A5 is designed to do more, it can not only groom for your dogs, but also on cats,sheep,horses and other big animals.

The Oster Turbo A5 2-Speed Clipper offers faster blade speeds and wider blade sweeps, along with better airflow and less noise during grooming.

Virtually unbreakable, these clippers glide through thick, coarse hair easily, managing over 4,000 strokes per minute. Its detachable blade system provides incredible versatility as well.

This is 2 speed setting clippers, and it has another model advanced model Oster A6, which has 3 speed settings with ZINC ALLOY technology. And A6 is lighter and quieter(A5 is quiet also, but A6 is even quieter)

And please remember Oster A5 can only work on 120V, so you need to purchase a adapter if you wish to use in other countries.



Both Andis, Wahl and Oster are very good dog clipper brands. They are very professional and trusted by thousands of consumers. But you need to purchase based on your requirement to get the balance of money and feature.

For limited budget,  Wahl U-Clip is the best choice, it’s also the best seller on dog clippers, but only works on fine to medium coat.

For grooming experience, Andis SMC is the best choice, it has 5 speed settings, which is very useful it you have several pets need to groom. And it can also prevent your clipper too hot during grooming. And the low speed works well for sensitive areas.

For the balance of money and feature, Andis MBG2  is the best choice, the price is real reasonable consider it’s so many amazing features, the only concern is it only has 1 speed settings.

For the best quality, I believe you should purchase Wahl KM10, it has the longest warranty, as long as 5 years. And it’s also the best model of Wahl dog clippers. Both of performance , grooming experience and weight.

The last, if you have more than 1 big animals in your house, like sheep, cat or even horse. You can never miss Oster A5 or Oster A6.  It’s also the best seller on big animal grooming.

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