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Best sleeping position during pregnancy

Pregnancy comes with so many alien feelings in women once they take in they become exhausted and need to sleep more, than before. The duration of pregnancy is broken down into three trimesters, the first trimester being the first three months when the pregnancy is still in early stages. Pregnant women tend to experience symptoms like nausea, heartburn, toilet trips and indigestion. Pregnant women experience these various symptoms due to changes in their body system, which has been brought about by the pregnancy. Here are few of the symptoms experienced in the early stages of pregnancy

Frequent urge to urinate

The progesterone is a hormone which is secreted by ovaries in women during pregnancy to maintain pregnancy and aids the implantation of fertilized ovum. The secretion of this hormone, is one the reasons that arouses frequent urination in pregnant women. And therefore make it difficult for pregnant women to sleep comfortably.

Discomfort with body changes

Body shape and size changes when a woman becomes pregnant, these changes brought about by pregnancy can it difficult for a pregnant woman to sleep comfortably.


It is a physical unwellness pregnant women experience It, this can wake up a pregnant woman at any time of the day. Thereby disrupting her sleep can eventually bring about sleeping disorder.

Despite of all the disrupt these issues stated above can cause a pregnant woman’s sleep, there are a number of sleeping positions that enable a pregnant woman sleep well.

Best sleeping positions during pregnancy

Sleeping on side (SOS)

Lying on the side for pregnant women, is far better than sleeping on the front or back. However sleeping on side has to be only on the left side, as sleeping on the right can develop pressure on the liver. Sleeping on the left is the best position. As it prevent growing uterus from exerting pressure on the liver. Sleeping on side reduces energy spent in drawing the optimal blood flow for both the baby and the mother and also improves blood circulation.

Sleeping on the back

In the early stages of pregnancy, one of the best positions for a woman to sleep, is to lie on her back. However sleeping on back may come with certain issues such as muscle pain, swelling etc., as the pregnancy grows. But for earlier stages of pregnancy, sleeping on back is recommended.

Use of Pillow

The use of pillow for sleeping during pregnancy has a way of impacting the sleeping position. When used to support the back and stomach, the pillow helps reduce discomfort and make sleeping more comfortable.

The methods stated below can be helpful in solving the problems associated with the early stages of pregnancy:

Schedule sleep

Pregnant women should schedule sleep just like meal is scheduled, and make sure to structure her activities around the scheduled sleeping time. So she would be able to things that would make her sleep better at night, such as engaging in a nap between certain hours of the day.


Engaging in physical activities in the morning, afternoon and early hours of the evening will help a pregnant woman sleep better.


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