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Best hair removal solution for women

Hair removal for women review

This article is trying to review the most popular solutions for women’s hair removal.  Some are permanent like laser hair removal and IPL/HPL hair removal.  Some are long term solutions like epilation or waxing. And also we can’t miss shaving and trimming.  Every solution has her advantage and disadvantage, time cost, money cost, risk, coverage, it’s hard to pick up best hair removal products, but we can pick up product most suitable for your requirement.

If what you need is just short time hair removal, like nose hair trimmer, callus remover, facial hair shaver or even private area groomer, You can reference our best electric shaver for women firstly.

Shaving VS Epilator VS Ipl VS Laser VS Wax

Sumary Good for some one who don't need permanent results.
Prepare before laser/IPL
Last for for long time, but a little pain. Good for someone who don't want to try laser/IPLPermanent. Not as expensive as laser, need patience.Permanent, No cost on cartridge. Need less time than IPLOne time cost is small, but need long time investment
PermanentNoNo. Yes.Yes. No
Hair removal last1-7 days3-4 weeks.2-4 years4-8 years2-3 weeks
SafetySafeSafeSafe, but need follow instructionSafe, but need follow instructionSafe,but pain
UsageEvery oneEvery oneLight skin and dark hairLight skin and dark hairEvery one

 Laser and IPL hair removal can delivery permanent results

tone color good for laserDo you want permanent hair removal ?  If do choose IPL or laser hair removal.  They delivers short bursts of light directly into hair follicles, to stop new hair growth at the root. That’s why they can provide permanent results. But they won’t work instantly, mostly it need to take 2-4 sessions. And you need to repeat this kind of treatment every 2 weekly. They benefit is also attractive, save your time,  not only permanent hair removal, but also make your skin smooth.

In the past you need to goes to clinic or salon, they are very expensive and need appointment.  Their machine are very expensive and hard to operate, if you are not lucky enough and met with some guy doesn’t get full training.  They may can’t meet your expectations. Now we have machine suitable for home use. Their principle is the same as the machines in clinic or salon, but more cheap, so family can afford it.

But don’t think this works for every one. First as I mentioned before, if you are dark skin or lighter hair, this kind of machine won’t work on you, or even hurt on you.  Second, the treatment windows are small, you need to repeat this kind of operation many times.  Like the treatment on your upper legs, it may take 30 minutes or more.  Third, this is not physical treatment, some one may be afraid of using this, although both home laser and IPL get approved by FDA .

The difference between laser and IPL hair removal? their theory are the same, but laser light are more power, more stable,  so it need less time to achieve same result.  And it will save your cost on buying cartridge. On the other hand,  because they depends on battery re-charge, so a full charge can only last for 15-30 minutes, if you don’t finish you treatment you have to re-charge and moves on.

Some recommend products are veet infini silk pro for IPL, Tria beauty laser 4x for Laser.

Epilator can delivery long last results with less cost and more convenient

If you want a “permanent” hair removal, but don’t want to try laser or IPL, or you have dark skin and light hair so can’t try, then you can consider epilator. Epilator will do physical hair removal, they have no way to damage  hair follicles, what they can do it trying to cut the hair from the root, as deeper as possible, so it take more time before hair grow up, and the new hair re-grow up will be less noticeably.

Both epilation and waxing remove hairs from the root, waxing can press hairs flat against the skin, making them harder to lift and remove. Epilator features a patented Hair Lift system that lifts, loosens and gently removes hair – even short or flat-lying hairs. In fact,they removes up to 4x shorter hairs (0.5mm) than waxing.

Compared with laser and IPL, one advantage of epilator is its convenience, most of them can be used both wet or dry, you can use them in the bath or shower.

Another advantage is it can see results right away, during your operation, you can see hair lose on legs, underarms. While laser works in the root, they damage the grow up of hair, but you don’t know if they success or not, you have to wait, during the waiting time , someone may loss patience.

The third advantage is it works more fast then laser,  the treatment ares of laser is very small compared with epilator, and you may have concerns when using on your facial hair removal, it may hurt your eyes.

If you choose epilator, you need to know First they won’t delivery permanent results , just like laser or IPL/HPL. Second it may a little pain, although the producers all claim they are painless,  even on sensitive skin, but who knows, but once you are used to it, I believe so.

We did review on braun silk-épil comparation and recommend you take a look.

Shaving is more suitable for men’s hair removal

Men don’t need smooth skin as women, right? Men don’t  need hairless legs, underarms right?  most men only need hair removal on face, some may need to chest, or back. some may need on personal areas,  like ball.  The biggest feature of shaving is it can’t delivery permanent or long lasting results. it just remove the hair on the surface, it won’t deal the hair in the root. To obtain this, you often need a shaver for short hair, trimmer if longer.

But if you are a women, and you choose laser or IPL hair removal, one thing you need to remember is you have to trim/shave first before start your treatment which you machine. Or they may impact your treatment results and even hurt you. Some negative comment on amazon on laser/IPL machine,  two reasons,  the first is that kind of machine is not designed for every one to use. the second is they don’t read the instruction carefully firstly, you need to shave first to make sure perfect treatment.

You can choose tradition razor , like Swirl Women’s Razor,  the benefit is cheap, and more close than electric shaver, some maybe.  But also, one the other page, it may hurt you, even make you blood. And you have to exchange blade for your razor frequently, for better performance, if you have sensitive skin, it’s disaster. If you choosing electric shaver, there are a lot of choices, from $20 to $500, a lot of models like braun, panasonic, norelco, remington. besides shaving your face, also some hard to deal areas, like your head, your back, your ball, you can deal everywhere you can think over.

Some men may ask, since facial hair is hard to deal, I have to repeat this everyday, can I just have a one time solution, like laser or IPL on my face? For laser/IPL surely you can’t, it’s dangerous, the beard density is too high for men. For epilator, I don’t see this kind of warnings, but some model surely says don’t recommend to do this on men’s facial hair, I think this depends on your beard density also, if you have light beard, you can have a try and let me know the results.

Waxing cost less first, but cost more and more in future

Wax is some kind of like epilator,  try to remove hair from root, but can’t damage the hair follicles, so it can’t provide permanent results, but long lasting enough.  same as laser and IPL, at first, you can only do wax in the clinic or salons, because you may hurt your self if lack of experience and skills, now more and more home wax product are available, they are easy to use, cheap, you don’t need to afford hundreds of money on equipment like before treatment, so some women choose this solution.

But frankly speaking, I don’t recommend this solution if you are eagle to remove unwanted hair during you lifetime, but not one time.  It’s not as fast as shaving or epilating,  not as amazing as laser or IPL.  And one time cost is small, but you need to buy more and more products when you run out of. So I don’t think this is a long term solution.  So my answer is good for beginner, but not good for long term investment.

If you are looking for best hair removal cream, I would recommend 

Summary and do you have more smart solution to recommend?

Don’t hesitate, just comment if you need me to recommend products most suitable for you. And welcome to discuss if you agree or disagree with my review on hair removal solutions.

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