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Braun cooltec review

Braun cooltec is the world’s only shaver who has active cooling technology. And this is the biggest advantage of this shaver. 

So if you are have redness, burning and other skin irritation after shaving, I would recommend you have a try on braun cooltec, it will bring you cooling shaving experience,  this is controlled by a switch, you can choose it on or off based on your skin condition.

If you don’t need this amazing cooling technology, then I would recommend you to pick up braun series 3 for limited budget.  Or braun series 5, braun series 7 for affordable budget,  of course you can have a try on braun series 9 if money is not your first concern, who is the world’s best electric shaver so far.

Structure of braun cooltec shaver

strucutre of braun cooltec

1 Foil & Cutter cassette
2 Cooling element
3 Cooling on/off switch
4 Shaver display
5 On/off switch
6 Long hair trimmer
7 Shaver-to-shell/station contacts
8 Release button for long hair trimmer
9 Model number
10 Special cord set
11a Brush
11b Pouch
11c Protective cap
12a Charging shell
12b Shell power socket
12c Stand for charging shell
12d Shell-to-shaver contacts

How to use cooling function

To activate the cooling function, press the cooling switch (3) during shaving. The symbol in the cooling switch shines blue.

The cooling sensation experienced may differ from person to person. It is influenced by personal and environmental factors (e.g. skin, environmental temperature). For best cooling performance, we recommend to wait a few seconds after the cooling function has been activated. Then continue shaving as usual.

The symbol in the cooling switch (3) starts blinking when the battery is running low and there is not enough energy left for the cooling function. You should be able to finish your shave with activated cooling function. You can deactivate the cooling function by pressing the cooling switch again.

Main feature list

cooltec technologyAs we mentioned before, this is the biggest feature of braun cooltec, it will bring you cooling shaving experience when switch on.

braun cooltec cutting technology

Braun cooltec is 3 blades shaver, two foil and a middle trimmer,  in my opinion, the shaving performance is just so so, good for light to medium beard, but not very effective on tough beard.  That’s just my experience,  and it vary different from person.

waterproofFeel free to use it under wrong water, the official site claims their product can use 5 meters under water. This will reduce the clean time.

LED displayLED display, include Charge status,Low charge ,Cleaning Status(only CT5cc and CT2cc), Travel lock.

3 action

World’s only 3-action alcohol-based Clean&Charge Station, include lubricates,clean, charges. Only CT5cc and CT2cc set up with auto clean system.

rechargeableFull recharge in one hour; 5 minutes quick charge = 1 shave

Braun cooltec compare

ModelCT5cc CT4s CT2s CT2cc
ColorGrey lacqueredBlue lacqueredBlackBlack
Active cooling technologyyesyesyesyes
Clean & Charge Stationyesyes
Travel StoragePouch
Charging standyesyes

Can I use gels or foam with braun cooltec shaver

In order to experience the full CoolTec effect, it is very important that you NOT use any shaving foams, lotions, or gels, which might act as a thermal insulator.

These shaving foams, lotions, and gels are not compatible with the alcohol-based cleaning solution and may potentially damage the device.

Can braun cooltec use on body

This shaver is designed for use grooming the face and neck, where facial hair grows. It is not specifically designed for use on the body. Braun recommends that you use other grooming products that address your below-the-neck needs.


Braun recommends changing your shaver’s Foil & Cutter cassette every 18 months, to maintain your shaver’s maximum performance.

• Foil & Cutter cassette: 40S/40B

• Cleaning cartridge Clean&Charge: CCR


Braun cooltec is a good choice if you have any skin irritation during shaving, it will you bring you cooling shaving experience. This is his advantage.

But it’s not as fast and effective compared with more advanced models. Especially for tough beard.

Compared with braun series 3, there are not too much price gap, so overall this is a valuable shaver we recommend.

Braun cooltec

Braun cooltec












            • - Really feel cool during shaving
            • - Reasonable price, with auto clean system
            • - Wet and Dry shaver that can be used in the shower.
            • - 4 model to pick up based on budget
            • - Made in Germany


            • - Shaving performance is just so so
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