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Braun series 5 shaver review

Braun series 5 is not the the best shaver of braun, both series 7/series 9 are better than series 5. Series 7/9 are more fast, they cost less time on every shaving. And they also provide more comfortable shaving experience for some newest technology. But if just for shaving, series 5 do his job as good as series 7/9.

Braun series 5 has 5 models, 5090cc, 5070cc, 5050cc, 5040s and 5030s.  All of them have the same contour adaptability technology, which is to provide more thorough and comfortable shave. And all of them share the same shaving technology, with twin foils and an integrated middle trimmer.

But they have the different cleaning technology, some of them don’t have the clean&charge station. And the battery indicator are different based on model also.  Another difference are corded / cordless shaving, only some of them support both shaving ways. We’ll have more detail review next.


Shaver and accessories

braun series 5 structure

1 Foil & Cutter cassette
2 Cassette release button
3 Multi Head Lock switch
4 On/off switch
5 Shaver display
6 Long hair trimmer
7 Shaver-to-station contacts
8a Release button for long hair trimmer
8b Model number of shaver
9 Shaver power socket
10 Special cord set
11a Brush
11b Hard travel case
11c Protection cap

braun series 5 clean&charge station

Clean&Charge Station(for models 5090cc/5070cc/5050cc only)

12 Station power socket
13 Lift button for cartridge exchange
14 Station-to-shaver contacts
15 Clean&Charge Station display
15a Status light
16 Start button
17 Cleaning cartridge

Feature list

  • Shaving performance, the 5 series has a smaller foil head, where the 7 series  has a very large foil. I think you could say the 7 does a better job of a very close shave, but its relatively marginal; both do a fine job overall.
  • Clean&Charge Station, after shaving, you can clean your shaving under running water, because they are 100% waterproof, feel free to do like this. But with the clean& charge station, you can save your time, and trust me, it can do better than you.
  • Waterproof up to 5m, Braun shavers have a fully sealed body (IPX7 tested) and can be rinsed quickly and easily under running water.But only 5040s is suitable for use in the shower( with foam or gel) 
  • Advanced display, you can know how many percent your battery’s power still left; what’s the hygiene status, does the shaver need a full clean; it can also show you if your shaver is locked, for we often lock our electric shaver during travelling.
  •  MultiHeadLock, this function don’t use often, but if you need to deal with some hard to touch areas, like the nose hair, it can locks the shaver head at 1 of 5 available shaver-head angles.
  • SmartPlug, automatic worldwide voltage adjustment (100V—240V) for optimum convenience at home or abroad.
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery, compared with braun series 3, this is a great upgrade, because Li-Ion battery are no memory effect, so you can charge it any time you want.

braun series 5 5090cc

Difference between Braun series 5 shavers

There are so many models to pick up, which one is the most suitable for me? you can go through this comparison chat.

Model5090cc 5070cc 5050cc 5040s Wet&Dry 5030s
Wet&Dry technology
PriceNot available
Corded / Cordless shaving
ColorBlack / silver / redBlack / redBlack / grey / redBlack / blueBlack / red
Battery indicator6 level LED
Battery indicator
2 level LED
Battery indicator
Clean & Charge Stationyesyesyes
Automatic program selectionyes

Braun 5090cc is most people’s choice, he is  the best seller of Braun series 5 shaver. He is also the most advanced model of Braun series 5 shaver.

Only 5090cc/5070cc/5050cc/5030s are available in north America, but Braun 5070cc sells at a unbelievable price(don’t recommend buying).

There are not too much difference between 5090cc and 5050cc, both of them have clean&charge station, but only braun 5090cc have automatic program selection function.

Only 5040s can work in the shower,but it’s not available in north America, if this feature is really important to you, I would suggest you pick up Panasonic Es-LA93-K instead. They are very similar to each other.

Braun 5040s is the basic model, also the cheapest, it doesn’t have auto clean&charge system. But price is really attractive.

Want to know more other products of Braun, read our Braun shaver list review.

 Customer reviews on Braun series 5 5090cc

The Braun Series 5 5090cc Electric Shaver is, for this user, the best electric shaver I have ever owned. Over the years I have owned a number of different Norelcos, a couple of older style Brauns, and a Panasonic wet dry shavers. All of those were OK. Some of them were pretty good. But none came close to a real shave. There was always just a bit left. An extra day or two of growth seemed to really challenge some of those older models. The Braun Series 5 5090cc is the first electric razor that I have used that met the challenge and left a result that I would call as close as a real shave, minus the residual smooth feel of whatever cream or lotion you might have used on your face for the real shave.
The Braun Series 5 5090cc and I are three months into our relationship, and things couldn’t be better. I mean, this thing knows how to treat a guy. The motor is powerful–even a few-days’ worth of stubble (for a guy who’s not terribly hirsute, granted) doesn’t faze this shaver. I get a quick and close shave EVERY time. I haven’t had any irritation, no redness, no neck-rash of red dots that any grown man should have to go into work with. And the battery is long-lasting; it even displays its remaining “life,” which my other shavers never had the decency to tell me..


Braun series 5 is a good choice for the balance of money and value. It’s as effective as series 7/9, even on medium or medium to tough beard. Precision trimmer is a good plus for perfect moustache and sideburn shaping.

Compared with series 3, there’s a big improvement on performance and battery, and appearance looks better in my opinion.

If Budget is not your first concern, buy Braun 5090CC, which is the best model of Braun series 5 shaver. Else pick up Braun 5030s, which is the cheapest. If just for shaving performance, they are the same.

Looking for an alternatives, Panasonic arc 4 LA 93-K  is the back up choice, both of them are foil shavers, and almost at the same price level.

Braun series 5 5090cc

Braun series 5 5090cc












            • - Good balance on money and value
            • - Powerful rechargeable Li-Ion battery
            • - New MultiHeadLock to deal with hard to touch area
            • - 5 level battery display with travel lock and hygiene indicator.
            • - Skin friendly precision trimmer for perfect moustache and sideburn shaping


            • - Most model don't support working with lotion &gel
            • - Price a little high
            • - Not every model available in US

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