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Braun series 7 799cc review

From Amazon top seller report, braun 790cc is the best seller in 2014. Since Braun’s newest model series 9 released in NA, both series 7 shaver and panasonic arc 5 series decreased sales price. I remember, last year, 790cc’s sales price are $169.99-$199.99. 799 cc are even high, over $300. Now both of them dropped price. I have enough reason to believe series 9 is a better model. But I don’t think most people will pay over $400 to pick it up.

For most people, Braun series 7 is amazing enough,it’s more powerful than Braun series 5,  but not too much price gap between them, so if you are looking for the best electric shaver but don’t want to pay a lot of money for Braun series 9, Braun 799CC would be the perfect alternatives .

First impression for braun 799CC shaver 

layout for braun 799cc part 1 layout for braun 799cc part 2 Clean&Renew station
1 Cleaning fluid display
2 Lift button for cartridge exchange
3 Station-to-shaver contacts
4 Start button
D Fast clean button
5 Cleaning program indicators
6 Station power socket
7 Cleaning cartridge
8 Foil & Cutter cassette
9 Cassette release button
0 Shaver head lock switch
q Pop-out long hair trimmer
w On/off switch
e « – » setting button (sensitive)
r « + » setting button (intensive)
t Reset button
z Shaver display
u Shaver-to-station contacts
i Shaver power socket
o Travel case
p Special cord set

The full package contains shaver, clean&renew system,clean cartridge,travel pouch,smartplug,clean brush.

799cc box full package






Braun 799CC is one of the best wet dry shaver

As I said before, there are not too much difference on features between braun 790cc and 799cc. Only 799cc is designed for wet shaving with gel or lotion individual. You can read Braun series 7 review firstly to know the main features of this model.

Of course both model can be cleaned under water 100%,  but the gel or lotion may have the risk of damage the material on 790cc. If just for dry shaving, 790cc is enough, it can provide as close and comfortable shaving experience you need, but if prefer shaving with a gel for the comfort and smooth shave very much , and always needed a pre-shave lotion with the Braun to dry shave. The Braun 799cc does not disappoint, and is a solid upgrade by Braun.

Braun 799cc vs Panasonic LV  81


  • Much smaller head than the Panasonic (same head as the 790cc); this is a plus for maneuverability and being able to see where you’re going. The large head of the Panny was a minus for some, but I found it covered a larger area quicker, although visibility was limited in some tight spots under the nose and sideburns. Both have the ability to lock the head at an angle for more precise cutting; the Braun mechanism seems a more solid lock.
  • Superior cleaning system to the Panasonic; the Braun alcohol cleaner does a much better job of sanitizing and cleaning than the soap and water-based cleaner of the Panasonic, and smells better. The automatic cleaning cycle is also much shorter – a couple of minutes of buzzing instead of 10 or 15, and the drying cycle in the Braun is induction, so is completely silent, and lasts for maybe 15 minutes, unlike the running fan of the Panasonic which lasts for over an hour and is not quiet. Your sleeping partner will appreciate that.
  • Wet shave – this is a biggie for me; a vast improvement over the Braun 790cc; less irritation, smoother shave.
  • In my experience the Braun cartridge heads last longer than the separate foil/cutter head of the Panasonic, and are cheaper to replace (less than half the cost).
  • Charging time is shorter than the Panasonic from partial discharge, which may mean (haven’t tested it) that you get more shaves from a single charge. Both use Li-Ion batteries, so will work pretty much full power until the battery’s out.
  • Smooth, glossy external finish on the hard shell (not the rubber back) compared to the more matte finish of the 790cc, which should be more effective at repelling soap film and debris.
  • The famous blue night light of the 790cc is gone. The on/off switch light of the previous Braun would stay on after charging, and was bright enough to light a room. On the 799cc, all the lights go out shortly after charging is complete. This might be a minus if you actually used it for a night light….
  • A minor thing, but the 799cc comes with a quality, fitted hard leather case, great for travel, compared to the chintzy faux-leather soft vinyl case of the Panasonic. This always seemed to me a rather piddling cost saving measure from Panasonic, for a shaver once listed at a stratospheric $600, and probably why they supply a plastic head cover for it. Robust Western Teutonic engineering, I suppose, compared to practical Eastern.


  • Not as close a shave as the Panasonic; I think Braun uses nickel alloy steel in their cutter blades compared to the stainless steel of the Panasonic, if that matters, but the shave of the Panny is somewhat closer than the Braun; both are acceptably close. Using a gel results in a much closer shave with the 799cc than with the 790cc dry though, for me, and is much less irritating. The 799cc and 790cc are somewhat noisier than the higher frequency Panasonic in operation, due partly to the vibrating “Pulsonic” feature of the Braun head I think, which actually does produce a closer shave than the older Braun technology.
  • Cleaning station cartridges are more expensive with the Brauns (about $20 for three months with daily use, compared to Panasonic cartridges at a little over $10 for three months). This is somewhat offset by the fact that for the Panasonic, you really need to use distilled water in the cleaning station, and even with that you still have a soap film buildup on cleaner and shaver. The Braun cartridges are a little more convenient than the Panasonic – you don’t need to fill up a water reservoir when replacing a cartridge. Any of the shavers (Panasonic or Braun) can be used without the cleaning stations (the heads or shavers can be washed), but I use the station just for the convenience and because it does a better job of sanitizing the shaver, particularly for the Braun.
  • Strictly a cordless shaver, unlike the 790cc; you can’t run it plugged in. This is common to all wet shavers, a trait shared with the Panny, for obvious safety and liability reasons (think “zzzaaaap” in the shower – yes, somebody would shave with the shaver plugged in, or over the sink with a wet shaver). If you run out of juice or have a low charge, you have to charge it first before shaving, instead of just using it as a corded razor, but charging time is quick. The 799cc does have a cord connector in the back, and you can charge it with the cord (without the cleaning station) while traveling, for example. It has a different shaped wall plug than the 790cc, with a different stock number, but specifications seem to be the same – 100-240v/ac, 12v/dc, 7w/0.4A, and not waterproof (the plug). Either plug type fits the Clean and Renew stations for either Braun shaver, and the cleaning stations seem identical.

braun 799cc-6

A great shaver and a great shave, and worth the upgrade from the 790cc if you prefer a wet dry shave. If you’re a Panasonic user, the differences are described; the major advantages to me are the superior Braun cleaning system, the cheaper and longer lasting cutter head, and actually not mentioned, the more solid build and feel of the Braun compared to the Panasonic – but definitely subjective; sort of like a comparison between BMW and Lexus. If you shave dry, this will be identical to the 790cc. Some folks do wet dry shave with the 790cc (you can rinse the head); not a good idea since it wasn’t designed for it, but it’s a free country. Other than the head, the 790cc’s internals are not waterproof; the 799cc on the other hand is completely sealed and submersible, so no worries. A VERY bad idea to use the 790cc wet and plugged in with the cord, so if you shave with gel or foam and like the Braun system, the 799cc is the razor to get.

Braun Series 7 799cc-6

Braun Series 7 799cc-6












            • - WET/DRY Innovative pulsonic technology. 10,000 micro vibrations help capture more hair
            • - 3 Personalization Modes for a more individual shave, from sensitive to intensive
            • - Fully flexible shaving system for maximum facial adaptability
            • - Activelift captures flat-lying hair in problem areas for a smooth and precise shave.
            • - Optifoil - for the closest braun shave ever.


            • - Noisy compared with norelco rotary shaver
            • - Clean cartridge not cheap
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