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Braun series 9 9090cc & 9095cc Review

Braun series 9 have 7 models. 9090cc, 9095cc,9075cc,9070cc,9050cc,9040s ,9030s. But only 9095cc and 9040s are wet&dry shaver.

This is the tradition of Braun,only the most advanced model support web&dry shaving. Like braun series 7 790cc and 799cc.

And we need to clarify, all models of braun series 9 are 100% washable and using under water within 5 meters. The wet&dry shaving means using for a refreshing shave in the shower, together with lotions or gels.

Don’t use them in the shower except for 9095cc and 9040s, or you may have trouble when negotiate with Braun customer service.

Another item I want to clarify is not all of these 7 models are sold around the world. Actually in North America we can’t get braun series 9 from official site. Or other online market like Ebay ,Amazon, drugstore, Wal-Mart, target by now.

Someone may refute it can now get on amazon. Yes, we can get 9090cc on amazon. But that is not from official site, it’s from Japan supplier. Although its voltage is 100-240V and can be used freely in USA without transformer. And this is just for 9090cc, there is nowhere to buy braun 9095cc by now. If you don’t care too much about budget, you can have a try. But I think before the price really fall down,  Braun series 7 will be good choice.

Just for dry shaving, pick up 790cc, both wet&dry shaving, pick up 799cc. Want to know more Braun shavers? You can reference Braun shaver review.

[Update on 08/25/2015, good news, you can now get braun 9090cc/9095cc, both of them are sold by Braun Germany but not imported from Japan.The price change every day. By now I can see 9090cc is even more expensive than 9095cc, which is out of my expect. I guess that’s because 9095cc can not be used when equipped with a cord for safety concern as I mentioned in compare chat next. But on the other hand,it’s really a great deal to get 9095c at such a reasonable price. You may also interested in extra coupon code for electric shavers on amazon. These discount change frequently, recently they do promote for Panasonic arc4/arc5 series. ]
[Update on 10/17/2015, good news, you can now get braun 9093s on ebay/amazon, this is the new model just released, compared with 9095cc/9090cc, you can save $100 on braun 9093s, the only difference with 9093s is it doesn’t have auto clean system, but you can clean it under running water as well. I guess this model is released to balance the price gap between braun series 7 and braun series 9.

Structure of Braun Series 9

ichnography for braun series 9

1 Foil & Cutter cassette
2 Cassette release buttons
3 Multi Head Lock switch
4 On/off switch
5 Shaver display
6 Long hair trimmer
7 Shaver-to-station contacts
8 Release button for long hair trimmer
9 Model number of shaver
10 Shaver power socket
11 Special cord set
12 Brush
13 Hard travel case

ichnography for braun series 9 second part
14 Station power socket
15 Lift button for cartridge exchange
16 Station-to-shaver contacts
17 Clean&Charge Station display
17a Level indicator
17b Status light
17c Cleaning program indicator (models 9095cc w&d/
9090cc/9075cc only)
18 Start button
19 Cleaning cartridge

Feature list

The biggest upgrade from series 7 to series 9 is the foil cutting element,  series 7 only have 1 middle trimmer, while series 9 have 2.  Which can provide more fast and close shave.

From official site, braun 9 is the world’s only shaver who can reads your face and adjusts the power,according to the density of your beard.

braun series 9 technology_

Braun series 9 use world’s first SyncroSonic technology

1.Intelligent Sonic Technology with 40,000 cross-cutting actions powered by sonic micro-vibrations to remove more hair than any other shaver
2.HyperLift&Cut trimmer , this is designed to lifts and cuts flat-lying hairs in the neck and chin area. Which is hard to handle completely by other shavers.
3.Direct&Cut trimmer, this is designed to captures hairs growing in different directions. 
4.OptiFoil, this is almost the same as series 7, not too much upgrade.

flexible shaving technologyFlexible cutting elements mounted on a fully pivoting head

100 waterproofThe Braun Series 9 can be submerged in water up to 5 meters deep

Advanced Clean and ChargeThe world’s only 5-action, alcohol-based cleans, charges, and lubricates system

Precision trimmerThe integrated and skin-friendly precision trimmer for accurate sideburn shaping

What’s the difference between Braun series 9 shavers

Feature List 9095cc9090cc9093s
To Be Sum UpBest model of braun series 9
Don't support corded shaving.
Support corded shaving
Don't recommend for a refreshing shave in the shower.
Lowest price
Support corded shaving
Don't have automatic clean system.
Auto clean systembullet-bluebullet-blue
Automatic program selectionbullet-bluebullet-blue
Active dryingbullet-bluebullet-blue
Wet&Dry technologybullet-blue
Battery indicatorLED
Battery indicator with numerical display
Hygiene status
Travel lock indicator
Corded / Cordless shavingNO/YESYES/YESYES/YES
Travel StoragePremium Leather PouchProtective travel pouchProtective travel pouch

Which model to pick up

Braun 9095CC is the best of best electric shavers in 2016 , but also the most expensive model. It’s suitable for everyone if you have enough budget. This model includes auto clean system together with wet&dry shaving system.

Braun 9090CC is almost the same as 9095CC, the only difference is 9090CC doesn’t support wet&dry shaving. You can clean it under water absolutely. But it’s not recommend to use with shower. Lotion and gels may hurt the clean system from braun customer service.

Braun 9093s is the basic edition of series 9 shaver, if just for shaving, good enough, is share the same shaving technology as other models. But it doesn’t have auto clean/charge/dry system, you have to clean it by hand, and it also doesn’t support wet&dry shaving. The advantage is you can save more than $100 if you pick up this model. This model support wet & dry shaving.

Braun 9040s is not available in north America, compared with 9093s, it upgrade to support wet&dry shaving. It doesn’t have auto clean system.

Braun 9050cc is not available in north america either, compared with 9093s, it upgrade to set up with auto clean system, it doesn’t support wet&dry shaving as well.

8 warning and important tips before using braun series 9

You pay money for a so expensive shaver, so you don’t want to make your self in trouble right? So it’s very important for you to know the safety instruction completely before your first shaving.

1.Your appliance is provided with a special cord set, which has an integrated Safety Extra Low Voltage power supply.Do not exchange or tamper with any part of it, otherwise there is risk of an electric shock. Only use the special cord set provided with your appliance.

2.The shaver is suitable for cleaning under running tap water. Detach the shaver from the power supply before cleaning it in water.

3.Models 9095cc w&d/9040s w&d only:This appliance is suitable for cleaning under running water and use in a bath or shower. For safety reasons it can only be operated cordlessly. Note: Only model 9095cc/9040s/9030s  can be used with foam or gel.

4. Do not shave with a damaged foil or cord.This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical,sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the safe use of the appliance and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children unless they are older than 8 years and supervised.

5.Oil bottle (models 9040s w&d/9030s only) Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow. Do not apply to eyes. Dispose of properly when empty.

6.Clean&Charge Station (models 9095cc w&d/9090cc/9075cc/9070cc/9050cc) To prevent the cleaning fluid from leaking, ensure that the Clean&Charge Station is placed on a flat surface. When a cleaning cartridge is installed,do not tip, move suddenly or transport the station in any way as cleaning fluid might spill out of the cartridge. Do not place the station inside a mirror cabinet,nor place it on a polished or lacquered surface.

7.The cleaning cartridge contains a highly flammable liquid so keep it away from sources of ignition. Do not expose to direct sunlight and cigarette smoking nor store it over a radiator.

8.Do not refill the cartridge and use only original Braun refill cartridges.

How to clean Braun series 9 shaver effectively

When the cleaning indicator lights up in the shaver display, insert the shaver into the Clean&Charge Station, as described above and press the startbutton (18).

The hygiene status will be analyzed and is shown by the cleaning program indicators (17c) in the Clean&Charge Station display (models 9095cc w&d/9090cc/9075cc only).If status light (17b) does not shine (Clean&ChargeStation switches to stand-by after ca. 10 minutes),press start button twice. Otherwise cleaning will not start.For best shaving results, we recommend cleaning after each shave.
short economical cleaning       short economical cleaning
normal level of cleaning   normal level of cleaning
high intensive cleaning high intensive cleaning

The cleaning process consists of several cycles, in which cleaning fluid is flushed through the shaver head.Depending on your Clean&Charge Station model and/or program selected, the cleaning time takes up to 3 minutes, followed by an active drying phase of about 40 minutes, during which a fan is running.Afterwards charging will resume, which is indicated in the shaver display. When the shaver is fully charged the display turns off.

If your are in trouble during using your series 9 shaver, you can reference troubleshooting for braun series 9. or download full version for Braun series 9 user guide.

Braun series 9 9090CC && 9095CC

Braun series 9 9090CC && 9095CC












            • - World's most expensive electric shaver
            • - Performance 40% better than braun series 7,have one more cutting element
            • - Made in Germany. 2 year warranty. Last at least 7 years
            • - World's only alcohol-based cleaning system.
            • - Powerful beard density detecting system, perfect for sensitive skin


            • - Price is a little high for this is the newest model of Braun
            • - More noisy than Philips Norelco series 9000

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            1. Why is that :Models 9095cc w&d/cannot be used with foam or gel, when it is clearly stated that it is wet & dry

            2. I tried to enjoy this review as I just bought a series 9 shaver but I spent too much time laughing at your “engrish”

              Probably would have been a good review but i think it was just converted to English with google translate or something

              • Thanks Andre for your feedback, even if my review can give tiny help, I would be very happy.
                You’re right, ‘engrish’ is not my first language, I’ll try my best to improve in future days.
                BTW: This is not from google translate, I write it in my spare time.

            3. Dear Andre,
              I read your comment and believe me i laughed at you more than you’ve laughed at Chrisy’s review. You know why? Because you are so damn foolish guy to dare to amuse about people’s inabilities or fall backs. Do you think that once you write such a comment, other “native speaking guys” will clap their hands for you? Yes you deserve a clap, but in a form of a smash right into your face. So learn not to look down on people’s fall backs, cause at least Christy can speak your language. How about you idiot? Can you do something else than laughing at people?oh i know one more thing that’s more funny for you; you can also laugh at your own brain’s missing from your skull. By the way, sorry for wasting your review Christy. It was a great pleasure to read. Thanks for your time.

            4. Thanks Chrisy for your overview. Is it true that model 9090 I can use in the shower or bath too? The seller told me that all models 9090/9095 construction are absolutely the same. The model 9095 has only additional moisture fuse for user protection if he uses the shaver directly with cord from wall in the wet area? If I know the safety rules, why I should prepay additional 60 eur?
              Thank you in advance.

              • Hi Mindis,
                If you reached Braun customer service team, they will tell you only braun series 9 9095cc can shave together with lotions or gels.Actually you can use 9090cc in the shower also since it’s waterproof also, but that will hurt your shaver and you may have problem when trying to looking for a warranty.
                As you mentioned, another feature of braun 9095cc is can’t do corded shaving for security concern. some one likes it but don’t some don’t.

            5. I’m awaiting a 9095 to arrive by mail,my question is does this use the same size cleaning cartridge as all other brauns? I still have my 85 and 2 of the cleaning cartridges. Thanks for your time

              • Hi Drummerboy67, don’t worry about that, Braun’s CCR(clean cartridge refills) are suitable for series 3,5,7,9 shavers, just feel free to use it.
                Just one cartridge will supply a full month of cleaning. You can click Braun Clean and Renew Cartridge Refills to get them.

            6. Hi Chrisy. Thanks for this review. I really appreciate a review like yours that I feel I can trust.

              I am sorry about Andre’s comments about your English. I’m sure he can’t speak your language at all. I guarantee he is uneducated. Don’t worry about him…he does not represent the rest of us.

            7. Thank you for your review (and your English works fine for me!)
              I’ve bought the 799cc-7, which seems to work fine and is really cheap (compared with prices in England) on the amazonDE website. Only about €205 including postage to England but still arrives in about 3 days. I can’t believe the 9095cc is 40 per cent more efficient???

              • Dear Antony,thanks for your trust:-), yes you’re right,we don’t have to pick up 9095 if 799cc is amazing enough.
                It’s hard to measure 40%,especially for light/medium beard guys.
                But I believe 40% is reasonable. I’ll show you the data.
                The intelligent SyncroSonic technology of series 9 delivers 40,000 cross-cutting actions per minute. Series 7 only 10,000.
                Series 9 has 2 middle trimmers to lifts and cuts flat-lying hair, series 7 only have 1.
                Good luck and have a nice day.

            8. Sorry. Typo! Antony not Anrony

            9. I see a great difference between Series 9 & 7. Actually is speed makes sense to you, think no further. Series 9 has all de magic

            10. hi chrisy, my question is the only difference between the two models W & D is that one has the cleaning station and the other does not , then have the same characteristic as the vibration amount or type of blades, thanks for the reply

              • Hi Hernan, yes that’s the main difference. The vibration amount and blades are the same. They almost have the same characteristic and UI.
                Please notice that only 9093s support corded shaving, 9095cc doesn’t.
                9095cc has premium leather pouch, 9093s only has protective travel pouch.

                • so i can use the 9093s under the shower with gels or foam, cause my main issue its the i have sensitive skin and i need a wet shave and i dont care the clean station cause i can clean it and save me 100 dllrs, thx again chisy

            11. Hi Chrisy and thanks for the review AND for this site. I enjoyed looking over many of your reviews and know that they are thorough and honest. Whereas I have several different models of electric shavers, my favorite is the Braun 790cc which I use daily. When the Series 9 was announced I was very interested and when I stumbled upon your site I read your review carefully. Strangely enough the Braun 9090 is currently $30 more expensive than the 9095 at Amazon which makes me wonder whether or not the dealer selling through Amazon is selling a gray-market product which would essentially make the warranty worthless. Be that as it may, the 9095 would be the shaver I would opt for since shaving corded is of no interest to me but having the option of a wet shave from time to time is certainly beneficial. It sounds like the only real difference between these two models is the seals and/or gaskets enabling the 9095 to be thoroughly drenched and capable of handling shaving foam whereas the 9090 would require very careful cleaning if you were to subject it to the same. For my money, I would definitely go with the 9095. Now all I need to do is convince my wife. Thanks again for the reviews. Much appreciated.

            12. I have just bought the 9095 which I find excellent. Just one problem though with the cleaning part in that it leaves some whisker cuttings in the shaver head and also in the cleaner itself. Has anyone got an answer to this? Thanks

              • Hi Everyone, has anyone else come across this problem? I don’t know whether mine is faulty and needs to go back. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

                • Hi Bill, I would suggest you to get help from braun customer service, you can query phone number based on your location.

                  • Thanks Chrissy, They claim to know nothing about it. That’s why I was wondering whether anyone else had the same problem?

            13. I have been a Braun user for many years and have had Series 3, 5, and 7. Because of my heavy beard growth, I need to change the foil/cutter once a year (when my shave starts taking 1/3 more time) not the 18 months that Braun’s instructions state. Will the 9095’s new foil/cutter system lastlonger? Also, can you give me an idea of what the 9095’s foil/cutter cartridge will cost? Thank you for your help!

              • Dear Cornell, Here are the link to get braun series 9 replacement. Did you shave every day, and clean your shaver in time after shaving? If both do I guess you really have a very tough beard :-). Think in other way, if you use panasonic/norelco, maybe it can only lasts for 9 months.

                • Chrisy you have been a great help. I have tried the other brands that you mentioned and have discovered that Braun is (and has always been best for me). The link you provided enabled me to finally get a price for the foil/cutter replacement which is a 90B at $65.90 plus shipping (Amazon), I currently pay about $45 for my Series 7, so I guess the $20 increase for the new technology is well worth it. Again, I appreciate your quick response, and personal interest to my inquiry.

            14. Does anybody know if the braun series 9 9030s can use a charging cleaning station? I acquired one to try out and like the way it works but I was really hoping for the cleaning station. I liked the idea of a steril clean machine every day.

            15. Hi,

              Very good article.
              I have to change my old Panasonic ES8249. I am not sure of the choice between Panasonic LV95 and Braun 9095cc.
              Any ideas ?
              Thanks 🙂

              • Hi Arnaud,

                They are all the best shavers in the world, and almost have the same features. So I think this depends on your first impression, which design you like better.
                For we know this shaver will stay will you for long years.
                Price: Panasonic LV 95 will save $100
                Maintenance: replacement are almost same price, about $65, panasonic change every 12 months, braun every 18 months
                Quality: All are excellent, I trust braun more.
                If me, I’ll pick braun 9095cc. Enjoy black friday!

            16. I received the 9095cc free as a tester for Braun. Though it is the most beautiful shaver I’ve ever owned, I only rated it 3/5 for performance. My Remington Microscreens cut closer and are considerably cheaper to purchase. The Braun does a good job and is fairly quiet, has a strong warranty, and is well made. I rinse the cutter/foil cassette under water and let dry, but when the battery gets low, I put it through the cleaning system. If you re-plug the cleaning cartridge, it will not evaporate and will last much longer. Some people refill with alcohol and then by a shaver lubricant. The only issue other than its just average shaving performance is the inability to clean the cutter and foil like on most shavers. I prefer plug in only rather than these rechargeable battery ones, but as a rechargeable, it feels solid and well made. Would definitely not pay the almost $400 this cost to buy. As a final note, I bought three plug-in only Braun 130s-1 shavers for less than $20 a piece. They give about the same shave as this expensive Braun.

            17. Hi Chrisy,

              Thanks for your answer.
              I noticed an interesting thing too :
              Braun says that there is 40.000 cutting action per minute. But the Sonic motor is 10.000 rpm. So they count with the 4 foils = (4 x 10.000).
              Panasonic has a 14.000 rpm motor and 5 blades : so it has 70.000 cutting action per minute if i’m not mistaken.

              But confort and power are different things, so as the price is close, it is very difficult to choose 🙂

            18. hi all,

              I am in the same situation as Arnaud…
              I am actually switching from manual shaving to electric shaving and am really hesitant between Panasonic LV95 and Braun 9095cc.
              I am shaving every day, have a fairly sensitive skin and thick hard beard.

              Can you please help?

              Thanks vm

              • Hi Damien,
                Sorry for reply late, I would suggest you to pick up Braun 9095cc if you need shaving every day.
                Braun’s accessories last for as long as 18 months, while both Panasonic and Norelco last for 12 months.
                And you can also take braun 9090cc into consider for I see it decreased price these days.

            19. In Poland Braun offers cashback for some shavers including 799 which makes it sweet deal ~800pln=~200USD after cachback. Check if they have similar deal at your place.

            20. Thanks for the excellent review and discussion. I just reaceived my 9095cc. I was wondering if it is possible to choose a cleaning program and how?

              • Hey Mohamed,you can get clean&renew cartridge when it runs out.You can get it here
                You want a clean solution center? I’m afraid you can’t.

                • I guess I wasn’t clear enough, sorry for that. The shaver has three cleaning modes, short economical cleaning, normal level of cleaning and high intensive cleaning. Can I select one of them or does it just goes into one of these cleaning modes automatically?

            21. Hi all, I recently purchased the 9095cc. I have had a few issues with the cleaning station aswell the shaver. The cleaning station seems to spit a bit of the solution out well the cleaning process is active. Another thing is the shaver head is still dripping wet after the drying cycle is finished. Last thing I’ve noticed the lock on the shaver head seems to skip out of its locking slot quite easy, this could be operator error.. has anyone else seen or heard of any of these things happening?

            22. i have sensitive skin, which brand/model would you recommend? between Braun 9095CC and Philips S9711/33 which one will give me smooth shave for my sensitive skin.

              • Hi Avil,

                I would recommend you pick up Philips S9711/33, use together with lotion or gel.
                That doesn’t mean Braun series 9 is not friendly for sensitive skin, actually all of the top level electric shavers did pretty good. But Norelco is the most quiet and gentle among them.

            23. Thanks for this comprehensive review Chrisy! I am just wondering: do you know if the wet shaving function really brings something or is it just marketing?
              Because after deep research I didn’t find any conclusive evidence that it improves the shaving. I have experienced for years the Braun Series 7 Dry shave with occasional spots but I really don’t know if it can be improved with the wet function so any opinion would help!

              • Hi Catius,

                Thanks for dropping by.
                First, Wet shaving started from Japan, if you pay attention, you’ll notice almost every shaver of Panasonic support wet shaving.
                But for people in EU and NA, I don’t think wet shaving is mandatory.
                Second, without doubt, wet shaving will bring better shaving experience, especially with lotion or gel. But it takes more time and energy you know, especially for clean job.
                Third, In my opinion, if you don’t have sensitive skin, and your shaver is pretty good(like Braun series 7/9), most time wet shaving is not have to, it won’t impact the shaving results, just has better shaving experience, but this depends on people you know.

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