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Braun shavers Review

Who should choose Braun shaver

If you are looking for the best electric shaver, you can never miss Braun, who is made in Germany and product the world’s best foil shavers. Braun is trusted mostly for it’s quality, most models can last for as long as 7 years or even longer.

Same as other brand like Philips Norelco and Panasonic, the newest always has the highest price, because they are the best, but if take budget into consider, we only need to pick up the most suitable model, but not the best model. So this article will be a buying guide for you also.

In my opinion, if you often get hurt by traditional razor,  have sensitive skin,  tried other electric shaver brand but not satisfy, or don’t like rotary shaver, often travel on the way, have strong interests on electric shaving technology…  you should have a try on Braun shaver.

Who is not suitable for Braun shaver

Braun shaver is excellent, but as I mentioned before, not every one are suitable for it.

If you are women and want permanent hair removal, you should try laser/ipl, or epilator at least.

If you have very light beard and don’t want to cost too much on electric shavers, you can try some cheaper models. like Remington.

Generally, foil shaver are more noisy than rotary shavers, if you want a more quiet shaver, you should try Philips Norelco, who is a rotary shaver.

Last,  electric shavers can work very close, especially the expensive models,  but if you still not satisfy with the results, I would suggest you try traditional razor instead.

braun series 9 9095 cc

braun series 9 9095 cc is the best braun shaver

Which braun shaver is the best for the price

Most people will choose from braun series shavers,  it include braun series 1, braun series 3, braun series 5, braun series 7 and braun series 9.  Braun series 9 just released in north american in the early 2015, and is absolutely the best shaver of braun, of course, price is also the highest.

And if performance is not your first concern, but worry about redness, burning and skin irritation from shaving, Braun cooltec is your best choice.

Why people choose from series shavers? because they are designed to cover everything, you can use them to shave you face, body and even some special areas like head, underarms, ball, back.  The features are very powerful also, like auto clean system, auto shaving based on beard density system,  clever sensor and LED display system,  100% waterproof system and so on, I will give detail review later.

Braun also design some special models, braun cooltec is designed for the one with sensitive skin. It’s the world’s 1st shaver with active cooling technology,  it can delivery cool shaving experience, works without any lotions or gels.

As we know, most of braun’s models don’t support wet shaving, if you need dry&wet feature, you always need to pick up the best model. The better, the higher. For example, if you pick up braun 9095cc which support wet&dry shaving, you need to pay $100 more based on 9090cc.

So if just to wet shaving, braun designed one model called waterflex, which is supposed to use in the shower specialized. You can use it for both wet &dry shaving if you have light to medium beard. But for thick beard, the performance is not good enough.

Another model is braun cruzer, which is not a shaver but a beard trimmer, can trim you beard into different kinds of beard styles you like. Series shaver often have popup trimmer also, but not as professional as this model.

And for ladies, braun released epilator, which can get a permanent hair removal for as long as 1 months, this is often used on the legs, women can use them on the faces, but men can’t.

What the difference between Braun series shavers

ModelBraun Series 9Braun Series 7Braun Series 5Braun Series 3Braun Series 1
Shaving technology5 stars4 stars3 stars2 stars1 stars
Shaving experience5 stars4.5 stars4 stars3 stars2 stars
Shaver Design5 stars4.5 stars4 stars3 stars1 stars
Clean technology5 stars5 stars4 stars3 stars0 stars
PriceHigh mediumhighmedium/lowcheap
To be sum upWorld's best foil shaversuitable for most people, price reasonablenot worth the moneysuitable for beginner and light/medium beard not worth the money

Other cheap models of Braun shaver

Besides series shaver, there are also some cheap Braun shavers which is also welcomed by people for its convenience.

First is the braun mobile shaver, suitable for light beard guys, or for travelling.

The second is braun old spice, which almost the same as Braun series 3, but the color is red.

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