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Braun silk epil 9 epilator review

Braun silk epil 9 provide the fastest and most precise epilation

Before braun silk epil 9 release in NA april 2015,  silk epil 7 is the best model we can get from online market. From user ratings on amazon since April 17 2015 till now, this model got as high as 4.4/5 on amazon. On UK amazon, this is even higher, as high as 4.6/5.  Since there are not too much price difference between silk epil 7 and silk epil 9(this is difference from braun series 7 and series 9), I believe braun silk epil 9 will become one of the most popular epilators in future days.

There 3 three models for braun silk epil 9 skin spa, 9-969,9-961 and 9-941.  There are not too much difference between them on main features, only the attachment are different. you can reference Silk-épil 9 skin spa epilators comparison to know more details.

There are 7 models for braun silk epil 9. 9-579,9-561,9-558,9-549,9-541,9-538,9-521.  You can also reference Silk-épil 9 epilators comparison

Currently we can only get Silk-épil 9 9-579 and Silk-épil 9 9-521 in NA.

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braun silk spil 9

1a High frequency massage cap
1b Skin contact cap
2 Extra wide epilation head
3 Smartlight
4 Switch with lock keys (4a)
5 Charging light
6 Release button
7 Special cord set
8 Facial cap
9 Brush adapter
9a Exfoliation brush
9b Protective cover
10 Shaver head
11 Cleaning brush

Braun silk epil 9 feature list


40% wider head  for faster epilation, it covers more skin with each stroke for a faster epilation process and an improved beauty routine, also makes the epilator looks more fashionable. This is one of the main upgrade from epil 7 to epil 9.

MicroGrip tweezer technology,removes more hair in one stroke, even the shortest ones (0.5mm) which can not be handle by wax. Every epilation  can last as long as 4 weeks. This is also an important technology upgrade from epil 7 to 9.

Body exfoliation brush, this is designed to deal with dead skin, research has shows that, High density brush for the face removes make-up and impurities up to 6 x better than manual cleansing, leaving your skin smoother and refreshed. this feature is shared with epil 7 and epil 9.

Speed personalization, this is also a humanize feature, you can select the right speed for your individual needs: Speed 1 for extra gentle epilation, speed 2 for extra efficient epilation(it may take some time for your to adapt to your epilator firstly, once you get used to it, it’s totally painless). 

Other features you can reference official site of braun silk epil 9.

wear what you want to office

wear what you want to office

Honest review for Braun Silk-Epil 9-579

THE Pros
1. HOLY HOLDNESS: The shape of this baby is SO suited for any girl’s grip, even that of a handicap!
2. PERFECTLY PAINFUL: I don’t know about you all but if I didn’t feel it, it didn’t happen. You feel me?
3. LIMITED LUSTER: It’s all about ginormous gems these days that fall between a crack you can’t pick. Not this girl, her glitter is gracious but governed.
4. VELOCIEPILATOR: Velociraptor translates to “swift seizer”. Need I say more?
THE Cons
1. WET NOODLE: I probably need a lesson in wetepilating – but after several attempts, I stand firm. This is better suited for land.
FACIAL EPILATOR: I admit it – I was hoping this model included the facial wand but be still my greedy heart … maybe I have a large face, but I find the facial attachment to be pointless. Instead, I increase my mirror magnification with the original head (and pray).
2. FACIAL CLEANSING BRUSH: Bonus gifts are usually my bestie’s, but if you own a Clarisonic (as I do) then this freebie will make an excellent gift.
3. STORAGE BAG: For $175, I find much to be desired in the included white vinyl “tote”.
Based on my nays, I would personally love to see a few packaging tweaks or a reduction in price for surrendering a few of the misfit items however, if I were to score the epilator alone, 5 stars. Final Answer. Thank you SO much Bzzagent for providing me with this prodigious product for the cost of my opinion!

Why choose braun silk epil 9 epilator but not waxing

1. Epilation gives you instantly smooth skin that lasts up to 4 weeks

2. Braun Silk-epil 9 epilators remove 4x shorter hair than wax (0.5 mm)

3. Silk-epilators feature a massage attachment that helps to reduce discomfort. When done regularly, epilation becomes virtually painless

4. Epilation helps hair grow back lighter and less noticeable

5. It’s not just for legs, the different attachments are designed for use on underarms, arms, face and bikini area

6. It’s good for sensitive skin because it doesn’t pull the skin when removing the hair

7. Epilation is a suitable hair removal method for all women and all skin types

5 security tips when using your epilator

1. For hygienic reasons, do not share your braun silk epil 9 with other persons.

2. This appliance is provided with a special cord set with an integrated Safety Extra Low Voltage power supply. Do not exchange or manipulate any part of it. Otherwise there is risk of electric shock.

3. This appliance is suitable for use in bathtub or shower. For safety reasons, it can only be operated cordlessly.

4.  This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience or knowledge.

5. When switched on, the appliance must never come in contact with the hair on your head, eyelashes, textile ribbons, etc. to prevent any danger of injury as well as to prevent blockage or damage to the appliance.

Braun Silk épil 9

Braun Silk épil 9












            • - Braun’s Fast and Precise Epilator
            • - Refines Skin 4x Better than Manual Peeling
            • - Wet and Dry.Works in the bath or shower
            • - Get up to 40 minutes of operation after just 1 hour of charging
            • - Smartlight,The smartlight reveals even the fine hair for extra thorough hair removal.


            • - Not a perfect choice if you are new

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