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Is braun waterflex best wet dry shaver

If you have problems for shaving on sensitive skin or problem areas, they would be two solutions, first is braun cooltec for dry shaving, another is braun waterflex for wet shaving.

If you did some research on braun’s product line, you will find most of their series shavers don’t support wet&dry shaving. Most case only the most advanced model support wet&dry shaving together with lotions or gels.

And on the other side, his main competitors, norelco and panasonic, nearly every model support wet&dry shaving. Braun should do something right? No he don’t have to, because braun has its own product waterflex,  who is designed for wet shaving in the shower specialized.

For most people, they don’t have to pay extra money for wet shaving function that they rarely used.

But for the one who is big fan of wet shaving, waterflex can satisfy them with an affordable price.

Structure of braun waterflex

structure of waterflex
1 Shaver foil
2 Cutter block
3 Foil release buttons
4 Long hair trimmer
5 On/off switch
6 Charging light
7 Low-charge light
8 Shaver power socket
9 Special cord set
10 Protection cap

Feature list

  • Wet&Dry and fully washable, this is waterflex’s biggest feature,the Braun waterflex is specifically designed for usage in the shower and with foam, it is 100% waterproof and can also be rinsed under running water for easy cleaning.
  • Contour-adaptive swivel head,the unique 33° pivoting shaver head perfectly adapts to every contour of your face, such as around the jawline and under the chin
  • Precision long hair trimmer,waterflex precision long hair trimmer features an excellent cutting performance. To trim your sideburns, moustache or beard with this perfect and precise tool, simply slide the long hair trimmer upwards.
  • Powerful rechargeable Li-Ion battery,waterflex features a powerful rechargeable Li-Ion battery. WaterFlex shavers use a powerful 3,6V Li-Ion Battery with no memory effect.
  • Full charge in 1 hour only, one hour charging time gives you up to 45 min. cordless shaving. A quick 5 min. charge is sufficient for 1 cordless shave. The smartplug has an automatic worldwide voltage adjustment (100V-240V)

Braun water flex compare with other models

braun waterflex different models

Braun waterflex have 4 models, WF2s Blue ,WF2s Black, WF2s White and WF2s Red. There are no difference between them on feature list, the only difference is on colors. In North America, only WF2s Blue is available.

The shaving performance of braun waterflex is between braun series 3 and series 5.

The foil of waterflex is better than series 3, they use opti foil(same as series 5), which is better than senso foil used in series 3.

And waterflex use Li-Ion battery, while series 3 use Ni-MH battery, which will have memory effect.

While compared with braun series 5, waterflex lack of  independently floating shaving elements.  Which can provide better shaving experience.

And because waterflex is designed to use in the shower specialized, so no auto clean&charge solution on this model.

Pro and Cons Review

The shave quality and operation is similar to other Braun shavers. If you have used or are familiar with Braun shavers this shaver is a great option. It shaves very closely although sometimes you must go over your stubble a couple of times to catch every single hair. The shaving head is a bit smaller and does not flex as much as more expensive Braun models, although for many it works good enough.

Cleaning the shaver is where the waterproof aspect of this model really shines. You can clean it the traditional way with a brush but you can also place it under a running faucet to clean making it even easier. No need to have a cleaning station with expensive refills.

Unfortunately there are drawback to the Braun WaterFlex 2 Wet and Dry Shaver. For security concern(mostly used in the shower) the shaver does not work when charging. This makes it not a good candidate to use solely as a travel shaver since if the battery is dead you must charge it before use.


Braun waterflex is best for the one who loves wet shaving, but only have limited budget.  You can also use it together with another dry shavers.

For the one with very touch beard, this model is not the best solution. You can also reference our top 10 wet dry shavers.

Braun waterflex

Braun waterflex












            • - Price is affordable
            • - Wet shaving in the shower
            • - Comfortable during shaving
            • - Head can swivels 33 degrees
            • - Li-Ion battery no memory effect


            • - Can not shave during charging
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