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Braun old spice shaver, beard & head trimmer, hair clipper review

Braun old spice is very special series. They are the only red shavers we can see in the market. red stand for passion, power, energy and fashion, compared with the expensive models. braun old spice is affordable, you can get with no more than $50.  So it’s very welcomed by young people. old spice is an american grooming products company which is acquired by braun already, so the spice shavers, beard & hair trimmers, hair clippers currently on market is the last batch of shavers. So due to history reason, some older guy prefer these models but not more advanced braun shavers.

Most case we use hair clipper to remove very long hair which is hard to handle by trimmer or shaver. braun old spice hair clipper is the best men’s hair clippers for cutting at this price. If you always goes to barbers for hair cutting, this is not necessary. For medium length hair or beard,  we always use a professional trimmer before real shaving.  Even through most electric shaver have popup trimmer, we still recommend you to have a professional beard trimmer for hair style, this is not have to when you just need to remove all of your beard. The last shaving  job belong to our braun spice shaver. this models looks some kind of like braun series 3 at my first glance, actually braun series 3 is an upgrade on braun spice shaver, but these are not too much difference on shaving experience, both of them are very close, comfortable shavers.

braun spice shaver compareWhat can they do on each model  individually?

Braun Spice Shaver Detail Review

Braun Spice Beard & Head Trimmer Detail review

Braun Spice Hair Clipper Detail Review

Braun Old Spice VS Braun Series 3

Features Braun Old Spice Braun 320s Braun 340s Braun 380s
Shaver Price $47.09 $53.79 $77.79 $89.81
Shaver Colors Red Black/grey Blue/black Blue/black
Amazon Score 4.5 4.2 4.3 4.3
SensoFoil Yes Yes Yes Yes
Triple Action FreeFloat System Yes Yes Yes Yes
Triple Action Cutting System Yes Yes Yes Yes
Contour Adaptive Shaving Head Yes Yes Yes Yes
100% Waterproof and Fully Washable Yes Yes Yes Yes
Precision Long Hair Trimmer Yes Yes Yes Yes
Quick Charge For One Single Shave Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wet & Dry with lotions or gels No No Yes Yes
Lockable Head No No No Yes
Travel Pouch No No No Yes
One button clean& renew No No Yes Yes
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