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Philips Norelco Shaver 9800

norelco shaver 9800

As we reviewed before, Series 9000 is the most advanced shavers of Philips Norelco. When series 9000 just get released on the market, it only has two models. Shaver 9700 and Shaver 9300,both of them are designed with the same shaving technology and auto clean solution.

The only difference between them is shaver 9700 has more powerful display functions, the inner indicator can show the newest status of your shaver (eg: by displaying battery level percentage). But the price gap between them is about $100(price change often).

Then some customer complain the trimmer of Shaver 9300 is not good enough, so they release another edition based on Shaver 9300 called Shaver 9400, which includes beard & stuble trimmer (RQ111) with 5 length settings, and this is the only difference between them.

Yes, some guy may already discovered, all shavers of series 9000 are set up with clean solution, but some customer really don’t want to pay for this feature, they just want to enjoy the close and powerful shaving experience, that’s why Philip Norelco released shaver 9800 recently. Which is based on shaver 9700, but don’t include auto clean solution.

In my opinion, this solution is effective and can save time and energy for maintenance. But on the other side, you need to pay extra money before buying and more important, you need to pay for it continuously.

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 5500 Wet & Dry, S5370/86

shaver 5500

Norelco series 5000 get released recently to balance the gap between high level shavers (like series 9000) and low level shavers (like series 2000).

But in my opinion, from price and function, there are not too much difference between series 5000 and series 6000( we also called it 2D).  Just tiny difference between them.

For example, the display technology of series 5000 is more advanced, the LED display with 3-level indicator(battery indicator – cleaning indicator – battery low indicator – replacement head indicator – travel lock indicator), but Norelco 2D only contains 2 level indicator.

Another upgrade is the battery, one full charge on shaver 5500 can last for 45 minutes, while 2D can only last for 40 minutes.

At last, there are three models for series 5000. Shaver 5100, Shaver 5500 and most advanced shaver 5700. The difference between them are on battery, clean solution and LED display.

Shaver 5100 is the cheapest of them, it doesn’t have clean solution, only has 1 bar for LED display, one full charge can last for 40 minutes.

Shaver 5500, also the item we talked about, is the medium, has 3 LED bar display, one full charge can last for 45 minutes, it doesn’t has auto clean solution as well.

Shaver 5700, the most advanced model, are the only model of series 5000 who contains SmartClean system.

Bald Head Shaver, TurnRaise Rechargeable 5 Headed Flex Shaver Razor

TurnRaise Head Shaver

Last time we reviewed another head shaver Bald eagle smart.  We can see from  appearance that they have difference design, Bald eagle is more short,while TurnRaise has a longer handle.

Another difference is on battery, Bald eagle has a more powerful battery, one full charge(2.5H) can last for 90 minutes, while TurnRaise one full charge (5 H) can only lasts for 50 minutes.

But when we talked about the performance, I think TurnRaise is better, The stronger motor up to 22000 RPM for fast and close shave of large areas of head and body, but Bald eagle’s CPM is only 10500, less than one half.

At last, the price of TurnRaise is nearly only one half of Bald eagle, very good deal, so if you have a limited budget and want to buy a head shaver, you can give it a try, but need to pay attention that, it’s not good at dealing with longer head, if too long, you need to buy a trimmer firstly to get the best shaving experience.


All of these three shavers are released based on customer’s requirement, Shaver 9800 is newly release to provide a cheap but powerful electric shaver to customers. Who can enjoy the highest shaving technology and don’t need to pay for the features that they don’t really need.

Norelco series 5000 is new release to  improve customer satisfaction on medium level of Norelco shaver. In the past, only 2D series(6000 series), but seemed Norelco 2D doesn’t perform very well when compared with his competitor Braun and Panasonic, if you pick up Series 5000, you can enjoy more features for shaving, but pay equal or even less than series 6000.

In the past, when we talked about professional head shaver, we only can think about bald eagle, of course you can use high level electric shaver for head shaving( For example Braun series 7 or series 9), but it’s a waste of money and may not so good for the lifespan of your shaver I think. But now we have another choice, Turnrasie rechargeable shaver can provide the same or even better shaving performance, but with cheaper price, so why not give it a try.

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