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Panasonic electric shavers review

The Best of Panasonic Electric shavers

Panasonic is a great Japanese company,  not just for electric shavers but other electronic product. Same as another great company Germany Braun, both of them produce best electric shavers, so if you are looking for a rotary shaver, you should move to philips norelo or remington. But if you are looking for an foil electric shaver, from $10 to $300, you can get what you need.

What’s the advantage of Panasonic electric shaver

1. Panasonic claims them to be the fastest shaver in the world, they produce the world’s only arc 5 shavers.

2.Most of panasonic’s shavers support both wet&dry,  even the cheap model. This is different from braun, who treat wet shaving as a bonus. Because panasonic is a Japanese company, in Japan, people prefer do personal care when take shower, so if your product can’t work well with lotion or gels, you can hardly sell them out. Braun is a Germany company, people prefer dry shaving to save time.

3. Use the most advanced technology,  like the sensors build in shaver to detect differences in beard density along the cheeks, neck and jaw. Which can provide best shaving experience, especially for the sensitive skin or problem areas. This is why panasonic,braun, norelco are the top 3 electric brand in the world.

4. More than 1 models on the same series. like panasonic arc 5 shaver. you can pick the most advanced models panasonic es-lv-95-s.  Or you can pick up panasonic es-lv-61-a. They have the same performance and shaving technology, but you don’t need to pay the money for the unnecessary features.

5.There are a lot of coupons for panasonic shavers. Especially during holidays, like black friday, new year, father’s day, valentines’s day.  Normal days have promo codes as well, but not as much discount as holidays. You can reference electric shaver coupons here.

What the disadvantage of Panasonic electric shaver

1.Need maintain cost every 12 months, according to user manual, you need to do this to keep performance at peak any time. This is not just for panasonic, but norelco and braun also. The difference is Braun claims their accessories can support as long as 18 months. Good news is cheap shaver the maintain cost is cheap also, but the most advanced model not cheap as well.

2. I believe all panasonic shavers works fine on the face, if you have light beard, buy cheap model, if you have tough beard, buy advanced model. But if on neck/jaw line, if you want a absolutely close shave, I would suggest you take razor instead.

3. Noisy, panasonic produce foil shavers, and foil shavers have more noisy than rotary shavers. So if you want a more quiet shaving environment,  take norelco instead.

Panasonic shaver reviews

ModelPanasonic arc 5Panasonic arc 4Panasonic arc 3Travel shaverNose hair trimmer
Foil5 stars4 stars3 stars1 starsno foil
Performance5 stars5 stars3 stars2 stars4 stars
Shaving experience5 stars4 stars3 stars2 stars3 stars
Shaver Design5 stars4.5 stars4 stars2 stars3 stars
PriceHigh mediummedium/lowcheapcheap
To be sum upWorld's best foil shaver,but expensivesuitable for thick /medium beard, price reasonablesuitable for medium/light beardsuitable for beginner and light beard designed for nose hair removal

How to pick up Panasonic electric shavers

Simply, you can pick up based on beard type and density, as I mentioned before, if you have light beard, you don’t have to pay too much money. You can take travel shaver for convenient, or arc 3 shaver for every day use. I would suggest you read review on panasonic arc 3 shavers.

If you have medium/thick beard, I would suggest you pick arc 4 or arc 5 shavers based on your budget. If for every day shaving, you need to buy new foil every 12 months, if not it may take longer. Panasonic LA 93 is the best of arc4 shavers and Panasonic Lv 95 is the best arc 5 shavers. And I would suggest you use the pop up trimmer to trim the longer hair firstly before having. This can save your time and have better shaving experience. Be remember to make full use of the auto clean/dry system, it will help to keep your shave at peak status any time and better hygiene condition.

Last, for nose and ear hair removal, especially for women, I would suggest you take a look best nose hair trimmer review.

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