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Philips norelco shavers review

Philips norelco is the best rotary shaver brand

The word’s top 3 electric shaver brand. Braun, Panasonic and Philips Norelco. The first two of them are focus on foil shavers. And norelco is focus on rotary shavers(they also did a good job on beard trimmers, body groomers and other permanent hair removal solutions).  You can reference review between foil shaver and rotary shaver.

Norelco has a lot of models for you to choose,  from $30 to $300, you can get what you need based on your requirement. In my understanding, there are huge difference between a $30 shaver and $200 shaver.  But not too much difference between $200 shaver and $300 shaver. There are so amazing features on a expensive electric shaver, some of them you even didn’t use.

Beside these top 3 brands, I have to mention Remington here, who is a very old brand still, and was famous in the last 60th. Remington produce both foil shavers and rotary shavers. Foil shaver start with F, rotary shaver start with R.  Both of them are entry/medium level. So the price is cheaper than these top 3 brands. If just for shaving, you can consider Remington F5-5800.

Want to know more details on electric shaver pick up guide and tips, you can reference our main page to pick up the best electric shaver.

What’s the advantage of Philips norelco

1.Very quiet, compared with rotary shaver, you can hardly here noisy. If you have some concern to disturb others in the early morning.

2.Exclusive shaving technology, like the  contour detect technology, follow the face’s every curve. Like smartClean pro system, make the clean/maintain job very easy.

3.Wet and dry. Same as panasonic, nearly every model of norelco can work with lotions and gels, so feel free to shave in the shower. You don’t need to pay extra money for this feature.

4.Good design, also every model of norelco have small shaving head, long shaving body. Which makes it easy to handle.

Which model should I pick up?

ModelNorelco series 9000Norelco 3DNorelco 2DNorelco 2100Norelco travel shaver
Performance5 stars4 stars3 stars2 stars1 stars
Shaving experience5 stars4 stars3 stars2 stars1 stars
Shaver Design4.5 stars4 stars4 stars3 stars2 stars
Clean system5 stars4 stars3 starsNoneNone
PriceHigh mediummedium/lowcheapcheap
To be sum upWorld's best rotary shaver,but expensivesuitable for thick /medium beard, price reasonablesuitable for medium/light beardsuitable for beginner and light beard smart, designed for travel

Norelco series 9000 and 8000 are for thick beard

Series 900o is the best model of philips norelco. Performance, shaving experience, design, clean system, every item they work best. I would recommend them is money is not your first concern. There are too models on series 9000, shaver 9300 and shaver 9700. the only difference is shaver 9300 have LED display, but shaver 9700 have digital display.  For example,  if your shaver’s battery is not full,  shaver 9700 will show you 60% , but shaver 9300 only light up 3/5 LED light. You can read full review for norelco series 9000 here.

Norelco 3D is the best model before series 9000 release. They are called series 8000,  but i didn’t see too much difference between series 8000/series 9000. Just UI design changed, jet clean system changed name(but function almost the same), the only difference is shaver 9700 have strong sensor so it can have digital display.

More confused is the price of series 8000 doesn’t decrease when series 9000 release. So the most advanced model of norel 3D Shaver 8900 (Model 1280X/42),  the price is even higher than shaver 9700.

And I found another special wet & dry edition for shaver 8900 on amazon, the price seemed more acceptable. And the customer review is 4.4/5, so i would recommend this model to you guys if you wish to buy norelco 3D.

Both series 9000 and series 8000 are for thick beard guys, if your have light/medium beard, you can have more cheap solutions.

Norelco 2d(series 6000) and below are for medium/lightbeard

There are several version for norelco 2d, you can read full review here.

Shaver 2100 is a entry level shaver, you only need to pay no more than $30 for it. This shaver can clean with water still.

Or you can consider PQ208/40, this is maybe the cheapest, but also effective shaver you can get on market.

Norelco body groomer 7100 (BG2040) are the best body groomer

BG 2040(norelco bodygroomer 7100) is a all in one groomer, which is designed to remove the hair before neck areas, like chest, back, underarms, legs, arms and even your private areas.

It act like both trimmer and shaver, just in one product, support wet dry shaving and with a reasonable price, it’s the best body groomer we can get on market.

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