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Philips norelco sensotouch 2d review

Philips norelco sensotouch 2d comparison

There are 4 models of Philips norelco sensotouch 2d. 1150X/46 are now called shaver 6100, this is the cheapest model of sensotouch 2d.

1150BT/48 are now called shaver 6400, this is the upgrade of shaver 6100, price is almost the same, but it has an extra beard trimmer attachment.

1160X/42 are now called shaver 6600, the performance are the  same with other models, but the design and UI updated, the battery is more powerful, and it contains jet clean system, so the price is not cheap as well.

1190X/46 are now called shaver 6800, it doesn’t have jet clean system, but the price is even higher than shaver 6600, just because the battery is more powerful? All models of norelco 2d are Li-ion so you can charge anytime you want, I don’t think it’s clever to pay extra $40 for this enhancement.

Norelco 6100 VS Norelco 6400 VS Norelco 6600 VS Norelco 6800

FeaturePhilips Norelco Shaver 6100(1150X/46)Philips Norelco Shaver 6400(1150BT/48) Philips Norelco Shaver 6600(1160X/42)Philips Norelco Shaver 6800(1190X/46)
UI & Price
To Sum UPNot Recommend#1 Best Seller in Electric Rotary Hair ShaversRecommend if need jet clean systemNot Recommend
DualPrecision Shaving Heads
GyroFlex 2D Contouring
Wet & Dry
Battery40 minutes 40 minutes 50 Minutes60 Minutes
JetClean System
Beard Trimmer

Philips Norelco Shaver 6100 with Beard Trimmer Review

Shaver follows the countours of your facefollow countours of face

Designed to follow the curves of your face, this wet and dry electric shaver uses GyroFlex 2D’s two-dimensional contouring technology to pivot in a circular motion and tilt inwards. Its contour-following system adjusts easily to every curve, minimizing both pressure and irritation. The result is a close shave that’s easy on your skin.

Shaves even the shortest stubble

Shaves even the shortest stubbleThis shaver delivers a close, comfortable shave with complete coverage and accuracy. It features DualPrecision heads with slots to shave the normal hairs and holes to shave even the shortest stubble.

Comfortably shaves – wet or drywet or dry

This shaver lets you shave any way you want. The AquaTec seal gives you the option of either a comfortable dry shave or a refreshing wet shave with shaving cream or gel. No matter which you choose, Series 6000’s slim, non-slip grip makes for easy handling.

Charges fully in one hour

Charges fully in one hourWith Shaver 6100, you’ll enjoy the convenience of Lithium-ion power operation at home or on the road. One hour of charging provides up to 40 minutes of shaving time, and a 3-minute quick-charge option gives you enough power for a single shave. The two-level battery display lets you know when the battery is full and shows a low-battery warning when it’s time to recharge.

Cordless Convenience

With Shaver 6400, you’ll enjoy the convenience of Lithium-Ion power operation at home or on the road. One hour of charging provides up to 40 minutes of shaving time, and a three-minute quick-charge option gives you enough power for a single shave. The two-level battery display lets you know when the battery is full and shows a low-battery warning when it’s time to recharge. Below review video shows you how to shave with you 2D shaver.

Who should buy norelco sensotouch 2d

  • The one who prefer rotary shaver
  • The one who have light or medium beard
  • Want to get an electric shaver within $100
  • Need both wet&dry shaving

Who should NOT buy norelco sensotouch 2d

  • The one who have thick beard
  • Need very close shave, especially on neck area
  • The one who think accessories are too expensive
  • The one who prefer foil shaver
  • The one who want to get the most advanced model , take sensotouch 3d or series 9000 would be better.

Philips sensotouch 2D vs sensotouch 3D

FeaturesSensoTouch 2D SensoTouch 3D
Design and UI

Contour-followingGyroFlex 2D GyroFlex 3D
UltraTrack shaving heads NoYes
Precision trimmer AttachmentPop-up
Shaving Time 40-50 mins
50-60 mins
Multi-level battery indicator Two-levelThree-Five-level
Cleaning/Replace indicator NoYes
Jet Clean One setting Three settings
Replacement RQ11RQ12

Important safety instructions

1.Do not wipe or dry the shaving unit with a towel or tissue. This could damage the shaving heads

2.Only use philips norelco jet clean solution(model hq200) with them jet clean system.Any other solution may cause damage to your razor

3.When the canister is filled with cleaning solution, do not move appliance to prevent leakage.

4. If the cleaning solution level drops below the minimum level during the cleaning cycle, the ‘cleaning chamber empty’ symbol will blink and razor holder returns the razor to the starting position, stopping the cleaning cycle. Unplug Jet Clean System from the outlet, remove razor and refill canister

5.Do not clean more than one cutter and comb at a time, since they are all matching sets. If you accidentally put a cutter in the wrong comb, it may take several weeks before optimal shaving performance is restored.

6.This razor/charging stand/Jet Clean System has no other user-serviceable parts. For assistance call 1-800-243-3050.

7. DO NOT place or clean any parts of the charging stand/Jet Clean System in a dishwasher

You can also click here to download norelco sensotouch 2d user manual

How does other consumer thinks about Philips norelco sensotouch 2D

Pro comment

I’m 45, been shaving for ages now, and I have to say, of all the razors I’ve owned that are of an electric model, this one is the first one to do the complete job. What I mean by that is with electric razors of the past, I’d shave my cheeks and moustache area, and that’d all go well. When it came time to shave the hair on my neck, not so good. I’d have to do that part with a blade. Which kind of defeated the purpose really as I preferred electrics. I would replace the blades, tried a few models over the years, and I’d still have to do cleanup work (if not all the work depending on the specific unit) with a blade. Click here to view more

Cons comment

I REALLY wanted to like this electric razor. I’ve been shaving since 1955, and have had everything from an Eversharp Shick Electric Razor to the first two-rotor blade Norelco to a Panasonic that was a wet/dry (which sounds like a vacuum cleaner in more ways than one). My most recent electric was purchased about 20 years ago, and it’s a Braun which is all I can compare to this Norelco 1150.
Overall, the price of blade shaving has been quite a bit higher because of the price of blades (it’s very much like color printers and ink), but…Click here to view more

Philips norelco sensotouch 2d

Philips norelco sensotouch 2d












            • - Good for sensitive skin
            • - It is extremely quiet.
            • - It can be used wet or dry.
            • - The trimmer actually trims sideburns nicely and straight
            • - It has a quick-charge feature which is only 3 minutes


            • - Not good at dealing with neck area
            • - Not cheap on replacement
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