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remington f5 5800 rechargeable foil shaver review

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On April 17, 2015
Last modified:October 16, 2016


Don't have enough budget to get Braun? Beginner of electric shaver? what you need is to give remington f5 5800 a try, this is the best seller model for remington and has been recommend by real consumers on amazon.

Why remington f5 5800 ?

I searched literally for a week before deciding on which particular shaver to buy. I looked at the top expensive models from Braun and Panasonic but could’t quite bite the bullet cuz of the price tag. After I figured out that I wouldn’t spend more than 100 bucks I started looking at features of each specific razor.

The thing that caught my eye about this is the Interceptor Shaving Technology of remington f5 5800. Basically it has a built in trimmer in between the two foils that will cut hair longer than stubble to stubble length. Every other foil shaver and even rotary shaver I looked at did not have this feature. And even my barber told me that with electric shavers you really have to not let the hair get longer than stubble or else they wont work. This appealed to me as more of a preventative and unique measure but still very beneficial. this model  is the best seller of remington shaver,get a average score as high as 4.4/5 on amazon and has been reviewed and recommended by thousand of real customers.

It would be an understatement for me to say that I was very pleasantly surprised by remington f5 5800. I consider it to be one of the best personal purchases I have made in my lifetime. It is solidly built and easy to use, with the flexible shaving head, that moves when you shave the different areas of your face and neck, so the resulting shave is closer.

Remington F5-5800

Basic information on remington f5 5800

Blade Technology: Pivot and Flex Technology
Blade Type: Surgical Stainless Steel
Charging Indicator: LED Fuel Gauge
Charging Time: 2 Hours
Number of Foils: 2
Pivot and Flex Technology: Yes
Popup Trimmer: Yes
Power Source: Corded/Cordless Use
Quick Charge: Yes
Running Time: 60 minutes
Voltage: 100-240 VAC
Warranty: 2 year limited
Washable: Yes

4 Advantage of remington f5 5800

Pivot and Flex Technology: Remington’s Pivot and Flex Technology permits every shaver foil to flex severally, thus it adjusts absolutely to the arching surfaces of any face. This is good design for some hard to deal area like neck,jam.

Easy to Clean: What you need is just to put the shaver under running water and it can do perfectly clean job. it’s 100% washable so you don’t need to worry about it. This save you a lot of money to pay for the expensive auto clean system that you don’t really need.

Pop-Up Detail Trimmer: you may have some long hairs need to remove,  so you’d better deal it with a trimmer firstly before shaving. And someone may prefer sideburns or other bear style, so the popup trimmer can do this easily and precisely.

Rechargeable Battery:  The remington F5 boasts a 60-minute conductor battery life with each charge and also the convenient crystal rectifier show ensures you’ll acumen a lot of power is remaining.

Good tips on how to use remington f5 5800  effectively

1)Don’t use a lot of pressure when shaving.
2)DO NOT go in circles or fast. Use deliberate kind of slow straight back-forth up/down side to side motions. This thing has a pivot head that adjusts to the contours of your jawline and neck. After using for a little bit you will notice a sound difference when it is actually cutting vs going over smooth hair free skin
3)Make sure your skin is clean and completely dry and not oily
4)Make sure you clean after every use. This helps to keep the razors under the foil able to cut like a regular razor
5)For supreme results use day and night. I personally, use it at night only but my friend who I recommended this to has facial hair that grows extremely fast so he has to use it more but is still baby smooth and bump free like me

Some common FAQ on remington f5 5800

Can this razor be used by women for shaving legs?

Another girl asked the same question. i’ll relate a similar advise I shared together with her…I am unsure however this electrical would work for a lady. i’m approximation not fine. however i’m a bloke, thus i’m simply approximation. However, my partner uses the “Panasonic ES2207P girls 3-Blade ‘Close Curves’ Wet/Dry Shaver”. it’s not terribly expensive , it’s oversubscribed here on Amazon. She says it’s a reasonably smart very little shaver for times once she is during a hurry. after all a razor with hot lather is healthier, however if you’re short on time and need to be respectable it’s nice. that’s principally why I actually have the Remington F5 5800A. It doesn’t provides a accomplishment. And my skin is sensitive to several electrical shavers that do shave shut. thus i exploit this Remington once short on time it’s nice. I hope this helps.

I am looking for a shaver that will shave my head bald, any suggestions?

This shaver undoubtedly works. i take advantage of it to shave my head. It provides a really shut, smooth, and comfy shave for my head. Trust me, it works extraordinarily well!

Is it wet to dry?

It’s extremely not to be used within the shower totally immersed in water, but to wash it you’ll run the “head” below a slow stream of water out of the faucet

How does other real customer think about this model

It would be an understatement for me to say that I was very pleasantly surprised by this razor. I consider it to be one of the best personal purchases I have made in my lifetime of 70+ years. It is solidly built and easy to use, with the flexible shaving head, that moves when you shave the different areas of your face and neck, so the resulting shave is closer.
I have one incredibly tough beard, so I need to shave twice a day – in the morning when I get up, and again in the very late afternoon.
I am in no way embellishing my remarks by saying that the Remington F5-5800A shaves as closely and as cleanly as my standard Gillette razor does, using the Gillette “Mach 2” blades with shaving cream!
It is no very nice to be able to get a good close shave without all the soap and water, and then all the rinsing and some kind of after shave lotion to soothe the skin of your face after a close shave, and sometimes the Neosporin, if you “nick” yourself. Just to push the button and it goes on!!! The handle of the razor also neatly fits into the palm of your hand. And last, but not least, after you initially charge the razor, the first time from an electrical outlet, it recharges very quickly, and only after every 3-4 shaves.
Another important factor, from my point of view , is that it is so easy to clean every day after you do shave. The top of the razor lifts off very easily, and you just blow off the beard particles. Likewise the lower part of the razor where the cutting blades are – you just blow that clean too. So everyday cleaning just takes literally just a couple of minutes.
I am one frugal person at my age with a reduced fixed income. If you are interested in buying this razor, get it through an Amazon purchase. Do not buy it through a retailer, including Walmart. The price for this razor, at Walmart, was $90!!!!
I have taken some time writing this rating, because I am so pleased with it. I have a feeling you will be too!!!!!!!!



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