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The Most Expensive And Amazing Electric Shaver in the world

The Most Expensive Electric Shaver you can never refuse

I’ll review the best model of Braun/Panasonic/Philip Norelco, one for each, and they are the best of best electric shavers, stand for the most advanced  technology, all of them have the world’s most amazing features, like auto clean system for washes, lubricates, dries and charges; support both dry and wet shaving; closest shaving like glass cross over,even for the sensitive skin ; Inner indicator to monitor the shaver status and show up with accurate appearance.

They do have everything that you want and they also have everything you have never think of. They are the most amazing electric shaver in the world, no man can refuse them. I would prefer to call any one them as art but not a simple shaver.

I you buy any one of them, the first thing I would suggest  is to read the document very carefully, because you need to know why they cost so much, just like Iphone, some of us can’t make full use its functions but just used to make calls and send messages. or surf on the internet, it’s really a waste of resources. Try to make full use of your shaver,  try to understand the original purpose the manufacture design this function.

number 1Panasonic ES-LV95-SMost advanced technology of Panasonic
Most fast Eletric shaver in the world
World's only arc5 shaver
World's only Auto shaving technology
10-Stage LCD display
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number 1Philips Norelco 9700 Most advanced technology of norelco
The world's best digital user interface
The blades self-sharpen to everyday
SmartClean PRO System
AquaTec Technology
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number 2Braun Series 9 9090 CCMost advanced technology of Braun
World's only 5-action Clean&Charge
SyncroSonic Technology
Sonic Technology
Can't get in NA Easily
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The Most Amazing Electric Shaver,braun series 9 9095 cc

braun series 9 9095 cc

The Most Expensive Electric Shaver,Philips Norelco  9700 Shaver

Philips Norelco S9721/87, Shaver 9700

The Most Amazing Electric Shaver,Panasonic ES-LV95

Panasonic ES-LV95


Braun 9095cc Panasonic Lv 95 Norelco 9700

Panasonic Lv 95 has been dropped from $499.99 to $299.99(by 03/20/2016, price change often ), before that we rank it as number 3 for its high price. But now the price has dropped for $200 and we think it’s the best time to pick up this shaver. As the world’s only Arc 5 shaver, also the fastest shaver in the world. We recommend you have a try.

Braun Series 9(9090cc) vs Philips Norelco shaver 9700 vs Panasonic Arc 5(ES-LV95),

I want to start out by saying that these are all 5 star electric shavers and I don’t think you can go wrong with either of them. For what it’s worth I’m a verified purchaser of each one. My face is used to both rotary and foil shavers, and I assure you I have tested each one for 30 days or more to their fullest potential.

Look and design
The Braun is less flashy than the other two but still has all the great features. The hygiene meter at the bottom is really a nice touch for anyone who doesn’t have the base, or does but wants to cut down on solution usage. It’s very comfortable to hold and
maneuver around your face. The Norelco looks very sleek and has a very nice LCD with all the great features you could ask for. It also feels very natural in the hand and the 3D gimmick, isn’t as gimmicky as I suspected. We’ll go more into depth with that later on in shaving performance. Out of the three, the Panasonic is the oddest feeling. This new ES-LV95 is a lot more natural feeling in the hand compared to the slightly older ES-LV81. It’s still a little top heavy but makes up for it with and amazing new feature I’ll mention later on below.

Build quality:
While all three feel very solid and of high quality, the Braun really stands out. All are made out of plastic but the Braun’s more matte finish personally feels more durable to me. The others by no means feel cheap though. They each have rubbery grips. The grips on the Braun and Panasonic feel more solid and rigid, while the Norelco’s has a really nice silky feel to it. Each one has good sturdy weight and if had to predict any of them failing on me, I’m almost positive that in each case, it would be solely mechanical.

All three shavers have great cleaning stations that combined with proper care, can result in a shaver that feels like new every time you use it. The cleaning solutions for each one are roughly the same price at around $5 each month. I can’t fault either one but I feel like the Braun’s is the best. It’s fast, quiet, and adds a fresh smell to the shaver. When it comes to manual cleaning, it’s a completely different story. The Norelco and Panasonic are extremely easy to clean manually with the Norelco being just a little easier. The Braun on the other hand is somewhat of an annoyance. The other two are is simple as holding under the faucet for about a minute and sometimes adding liquid soap. Since the Brauns head is all one piece, you really have to go deep in there with a brush, or hold it under the faucet much longer to give it that same clean. It’s nothing that would make me say the cleaning system is a must like a lot of others do but it’s a little extra work for sure.

Dry shaving:
Yup, it’s what you’ve all been waiting for. After months of use between these three shavers I’m happy to say that they are all great! We’ll start off with the Braun. It is without a doubt the most comfortable shave I’ve ever had. The Sonic technology really is more than just some fancy selling point. The way it glides over your face feels more like a massage than a shave. The Opti Foil catches every hair and cuts it below the skin, and the Active Lift gets even the flattest hairs on your neck. This is without a doubt the most innovative shaver since the first electric and you have to respect that it really set the tone for modern day electric shaving. When you see the things Panasonic offers, it’s easy to write the Braun off but you have to give it credit for being the first truly great electric shaver. Even four years into it’s life it’s arguably still the best shaver on the market. Just when you think it’s about to finally meet it’s match they come up with a way to make it even better. Now that there are models that support wet shaving, I can’t think of any reason not to consider it.

Where the Braun has it’s shortcomings the Norelco 970really shines. The 3D heads(like the Braun’s Sonic technology) is much more than just a gimmick. The ability to flex outwards helps give as close of a shave around the neck and jawline as you can get with an electric shaver at the moment. It’s without a doubt my personal favorite of the three and my main shaver. In the dry shaving area the two foils do get closer on my cheeks, but the difference is very minimal and nothing you can really notice until a few hours later. All shave below the skin for a razor smooth feel but it just seems like the Norelco doesn’t get as deep since the shadow comes back faster. It’s also extremely quiet unlike the Braun and Panasonic which sound like chainsaws.

Then we have this brand new Panasonic which manages to be even better than the ES-LV81. It added the Sensor technology which can sense the length of stubble and adjust the speed specifically for each area it goes over. It results in getting an amazingly clean shave with just one or two passes. It doesn’t feel as comfortable as the Braun but at the end of the day, what does? You can’t really call it irritating either but you can tell you just got a good shave when you’re done. The big head makes it hard to get around goatees and sideburns like the Norelco, it just takes time to get used to it. Overall I would say the dry shave is slightly better with the two foil shavers but not enough to persuade your opinion. With the end result being the same your choice is really between the comfort of the Braun, maneuverability of the Norelco, or speed of the Panasonic.

Wet shaving:
I’d go more in depth here but not much to say. The Braun and Panasonic give me the exact same shave when wet as they do dry but with a little more comfort. This is where the Norelco really shines though. The wet shave it does is on par with the Braun/Panasonic closeness but combined with amazing comfort and one of the best shaves I’ve ever had around my neck and jawline with any kind of blade.

At the end of the day all three are amazing shavers and neither is a wrong buy. You simply just have to weigh your options. I’ll probably stick to my Norelco just cause I love rotaries but the Braun and Panasonic shaves are just as good…and even better in some areas. Whatever you choose, you won’t regret it.


I believe for most people, Philip Nerelco shaver 9700 is the best choice, they have everything you expected and was sold at a reasonable price. The most advantage of Philips norelco shaver 9700 is it’s advanced appearance. It shows your shaver status by accurate percent, this thanks to the powerful sensor technology inside.And this model is very very quiet, compared with foil shaver, you could hardly hear tiny noise.

But if we talk about speed, Panasonic lv 95 is the best of best. The world’s fastest motor driving inside, the world’s fastest CPM(cycle per minutes), the world’s only auto shaving technology based on beard density, Panasonic invested a lot of money on their innovation, before their competitor researched the same technology out, I think Panasonic won’t  have a price reduction.

Of course any time we can’t forget Braun, Series 9 is the newest model and can only get in Germany and Japan by now on line[Good news, we can now get bran series 9 from online market ]. Braun’s feed back is the best from customers. Braun’s foil and cutter are also more durable, compared with his competitors , Braun seemed to be prefer to focus on basic job, shaving efficiency and user experience. And I believe Braun series 9 will be sold online in NA soon.Welcome to discuss 🙂

Panasonic LV 95

Panasonic LV 95












            • - Fast, Linear Motor Drive-14,000 CPM
            • - Price has been drop down from $499.99 to $299.99
            • - The world's only Arc 5 electric shaver
            • - Auto adjust shaving power according to beard density
            • - Better for wet shaving


            • - UI design is not so good compared with Braun 9 and norelco shaver 9700

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