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Why Panasonic ES-LV95-S Arc5 is the most expensive shaver

If you are looking for the most fast electric shaver, you can’t miss Panasonic arc 5. If you are looking for the most close shaver, you can’t miss Panasonic arc 5. As one of the most expensive shavers in the world. Panasonic arc 5 is the tag of luxury. So where the money cost, let’s have a quick review for the key features.

Update: Panasonic ES LV95 is not the most expensive electric shaver by now, it now has a $100 off on both amazon and official site, I guess this is may cause by his main competitor Braun series 9 9095cc are now available in north america after consumer waiting for over 1 year.  Because LV95 drop down price, his brother panasonic LV81 and LV61 have to do price adjustment as well, so it’s the best time to pick up according to your requirement.  You can also reference our best electric shaver list

Speed, with the world’s most past motor, 14000 CPM(cycle per minutes), which means you can cut your beard, hair in shortest time compared with other advanced shavers.  Take his main competitor braun series 7 799CC for example, both of them are very good foil shavers, but braun is only 10000 CPM. In this way, we can see Panasonic arc 5 is nearly 1.5 times faster.

Foils, with the world’s only 5 blades/foils technology, can provide awesome shaving experience. Why we need 5 blades/foils?  what are the designed for?  Actually Panasonic’s 5 foils are made up of two Lift-Tech Foils, which is designed to cut the lie flat beard. almost every electric shavers can cover upright beards, but for these who grow in different directions and even lie down , the general shavers can’t do effective job. Two Finishing Foils,  which is designed to cut the most stubborn beards, not just the surface,  the blades are forged and honed to an acute 30° cutting edge to cut more efficiently and cleanly at the root. so you don’t have to put a smart travel shaver in your pocket to do extra shaving in the afternoon.  The last foil is called Slit Foil,  have long beard? don’t worry about that, the slit foil can easily catch and cut it without any pull. In the old way you have to use a trimmer to cut the long beard firstly, with Panasonic arc5 shavers, you can save your time. this is the ultimate solution.

Shaving Sensor, This is the newest technology of Panasonic and only LV 95 and set up with this solution, the inner-build sensor can detect the shaving areas it moves on, if the beard are very tough and thick, it will use the  toughest mode to do effective cut, if the beard as thin or light, it will adjust automatic to use more gentle mode, this will do the same effective job but with less power, noise and better shaving experience. His main competitor braun 790cc also has the similar function, but you need to adjust by hand. This function is some kind of controversy, the support side say it’s very humane, the opponent treat it as just gimmick.

These three features are the biggest advantage of Panasonic Arc5 shaver. It also set with the other common features like wet/dry shaving(view on full list for best wet dry shavers), automatic clean/charge/dry system, travel pouch, LCD display for charging/cleaning status, Pop up trimmer to gives mustaches and sideburns. There are totally three models for Panasonic Arc5 shavers. LV 61 is the basic mode with cheap price, LV 81 are the middle with the acceptable price,  LV 95 are the most advanced model and highest price.  We’ll talk about the difference between them to help you make a decision which one to buy.

What’s the difference between Panasonic arc 5 series

1.We can see from the picture, they are with different style, color, weight and even design. There are not too much difference between lv 61 and lv 81 on outside design, just with different color, both are 2 x 2.8 x 6.3 inches and 6.4 ounces.  But lv 95 is totally different, it’s  2.1 x 2.8 x 6.5 inches  and 7 ounces.

2. Price. there are not too much price difference on Panasonic ES LV 61/81, because they almost share everything except for auto automatic clean system.  lv 95 is the most advanced electric shavers of Panasonic with the most advanced technology, so the price is extremely high.

panasonic es lv 81

Panasonic LV 81

panasonic es lv 61

Panasonic  LV 61

Panasonic ES-LV95

Panasonic ES-LV95

Panasonic ES-LV65

Panasonic ES-LV65


Update on 01/14/2016: Panasonic ES-LV65-S get released on amazon now,  this model looks the same as Panasonic ES-LV95-S, there is only one difference between them. Only Panasonic ES-LV95-S has automatic clean and charge station.

3.Automatic clean and charge system. lv 61 with so advanced shaving technology but with so cheap price, that’s because it doesn’t have automatic clean and charge system, both lv 61 and lv 95 are set up with auto cleaning/charge/dry system.

4. Active Shaving Sensor, that’s the secret why Panasonic lv 95 with so high price. what is this used for? As we know everybody has different kinds of beard type. thick or light. long or short, and different area of your face and body, like cheeks, neck and jaw may shave differently. If your beard is very thick and tough, it will be difficult for a close shave with  gentle shave. but if you are shaving some sensitive skin area, it would be unacceptable for a intensive shave. Panasonic’s newest technology has a built-in sensors, it will detect differences in beard density automatically , then adjust the power for shaving according to your skin status.

How about Panasonic ES LA 93

As we talked in another reviews, LA 93 is the best Arc4 shavers we commend with automatic cleaning and charging system, and a reasonable price.  But because it only have 4 foils, if you cut the left side of your face with LA 93 and cut the right side of your face with LV 61, after shaving there won’t be too much difference from eyes. But if you use your finger to touch it, you can feel the difference.  LV series will provide a more close shave. But take price and automatic clean system into consider(LV 61 don’t have auto clean system, LV 81 is nearly $100 more expensive than LA 93), LA 93 is also a good choice.

Panasonic LV 95 vs Braun Series 7 799CC

Both are the very good foil shavers. One is made in Japan, another is made in Germany, both are with high quality and amazing performance,  support wet/dry shaving and auto clean system. But there still some difference between them.

1. As we talked before,  Panasonic has shaving sensor which will detect the beard type, density and adjust the shaving power automatic. While  Braun you need to adjust by hand.

2. Panasonic has 5 blades and foil to do a close shaving, Braun only have 3 foils. So when deal with the long hair and lie flat hair, Panasonic can do a more effective job.

3. Performance, Since Panasonic has 14000CPM while braun only have 10000 CPM, so Panasonic is much more faster for a whole shaving. You may take less time with Panasonic LV 95.

4. Battery, Braun can support as long as 50 minutes for a full charge in one hour, while panasonic can only support 45 minutes. Braun’s battery is better. I guess this may because Panasonic has more powerful motor, which will cost more power.

5. Panasonic need to use an AC Adapter to make sure your shaver can support in every countries which may have different voltage, while braun you don’t need to worry about that, it can convert automatic and support from 110v- 240v.

6. Accessories, like the outer foil and inner blade, the official site of Panasonic support replace them every 1 year, while Braun suggest exchange them every 18 months.

7.Travel Case,  both with travel pouch, but Panasonic is soft leather while Braun are hard clam, and Panasonic provides a protective cap for the foil. which one do you prefer?

shaver 9700

Norelco series 9000 shaver 9700

Panasonic LV 95 vs Norelco Shaver 9700

Both are very good shavers and welcomed by a lot of people. But panasonic are foil shavers while norelco are rotary shavers, it depends on which one do you like better.

1. The same as braun, norelco also don’t have automatic beard density detect system, user need to choose proper mode for shaving, and that’s why panasonic lv 95 who is the only shaver with this system sells so expensive price.

2.Travel case, The Norelco shaver’s premium case has a sleek design to take up less space in your bag and its built-in ventilation chamber dries your shaver.

3.Digital User Interface, This is the most advantage of norelco shaver.  It build in inner sensor to monitor the status of shaver, which can show by percent the power left, charging percent, hygiene status. While both Panasonic and Braun can only have a 10 level LED to display the probable status.

4.Battery, same as braun, norelco can support 50 minutes for a full charge or 3 minutes for a quick charge. Better than Panasonic.

5.Weight, Panasonic is lighter, with only 2.4 pounds. While Norelco are 3 pounds. This may because one is foil shaver and another are rotary shaver, so they have different body structures.


First, I won’t recommend LV 61,  if you have enough budget to pick up the best model of Panasonic arc 5 series. It would be a great loss to pick up a model without automatic clean/charge system.  This feature not just save your time, but also extend the life of electric shaver’s accessories.

Second,I still don’t recommend Panasonic LV 95 because they are so expensive. You can nearly buy two LV 81 if get one LV 95. The only enhancement is the beard density detect system, This is a good technology and maybe the design trend in future, but cost extra $230 for this feature is some kind of Worthwhile,I would suggest to wait for a while and maybe the price will go down.

The Shavers I recommend sequence would be Arc 5 shaver Panasonic LV 81, Norelco Shaver 9700 with digital user interface, Braun series 7 799CC  Official Electric Shaver of the NFL. Trust me, none of these three models will let you down.

Panasonic ES LV 95

Panasonic ES LV 95












            • - $200 off on amazon(limited time)
            • - World's fastest shaver,14,000 cpm
            • - World's only arc shaver
            • - Clever shaving sensor to provide better shaving perfomance
            • - Perfect support for shaving with foam or gel


            • - Only support 45 minutes for a full charge(So many clever technology)
            • - Dark color design(Some one may don't like)
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